As it is excellent and at a technological level to resist to GAI

Not got used to go by rules drivers with might and main дискуссируют in the Web methods of masking of own numbers from chambers of external supervision. Bragging of the technical achievements in the field of leaving from the deserved punishments, they involuntarily give out the secrets to employees of traffic police." Race of arms" and improvement of means between drivers and "bodies" goes povsevremenno. These two irreconcilable camps also wage also incessant information war. Representatives of enemy educations place in operation against each other more and more distinguished methods to swindle a warring party. A new radar, the ambushes, illegally established road signs and low-speed a tractor on high-speed straight lines on the one hand and antiradars, a floor legitimate flashers, admissions all-terrain vehicles, chambers of mobile phones and not readable registration plates – with another. War does not abate and all grows with new real victims of road accidents. In fact vzaimooskorblyayushchy acts of both parties are absurd and are not clever – these "merits" of progress go to nobody on advantage, but for simple mutual respect the perceptible part of drivers and employees of traffic police simply does not have education. In the Web it is possible to find especially popular places of a dislocation of ambushes of employees of traffic police on roads, detailed maps of an arrangement of video cameras of supervision over traffic plus rather detailed information on the most various hide methods of number own car from representatives of the authorities. Fondly to consider that the staff of car inspection never contemplated the computer and cannot find information in the Web. That-that, and the popular cars, the freshest devices and a prestigious Web in honour at inspectors of traffic police. Without considering a personal initiative, societies of motorists in the Web attentively watch in traffic police and as obliges. To make a fool of traffic police chambers not and it is difficult, it is even more difficult to cheat a certain inspector who could suspend your car. Together with usual verification of documents of the driver though what inspector will send all attention and to the car. 

To reveal the most popular methods of masking of number symbols at fluent survey it is easy. On the first place on popularity there is a drawing on a car of number of different films, sprays and gels with the reflecting qualities, reflecting bright light in the various parties, "blinding" the chamber. Drivers as maniacs-samodelkiny – pour everything on numbers that gleams, directly to hairspray with spangles. As a result of number are not defined by a computer, and even at all "are not read". The plexiglass plate scattering light and complicating definition of number comes into a fashion priverchenny over number. Not on malicious intention, and quite often as self-identification on the road drivers adore to put near registration plate a nameplate of the same format. Many consider that the automatic system will not manage to manage to consider and find to a descent two registration plates, one of which besides "neformatny". Funny. 

The next especially popular method – is simple be not to washing the car and to go with splodgy gryazyuky numbers. Taking in attention a condition of the Russian roads, a method малозатратен also it is quite effective. But specifically at present at traffic police the next month on fight against zapyatanny cars began, and dirty numbers serve for them as "a reddish rag”, forcing to stop the car and to raise a penalty from his driver. Here the usual pay off method from the inspector at all will not help: on this month to them probably "lowered" the plan which it is necessary to do. 

Supertechnological method: installation near registration plate massive IK-izluchatelya at which activation the tracking camera matrix is lighted. Tracking cameras cannot simply be focused on number figures. IK-izluchatel it is more difficult to find – it can be built in in completely ordinary by sight a frame of registration plate. 

Driving with turned-off numbers at one time ruthlessly was punished by inspectors of traffic police. But mass fight against this phenomenon passed and it seems that now in traffic police look at this violation "through fingers”. But in case of capture punishment of the driver can be cruel. Due to the increase in a tax on owners of the hardware to drivers everything comes to reason thought voobshchy more often not to register the svezhekuplenny car, and to go by transit numbers. On chambers of traffic police it is possible not to point attention and a tax it is not necessary to pay. Only it is necessary strives on extension of transits every month (and procedure not from pleasant and later will cause some months legitimate suspicions in the authorities) or professionally to avoid all meetings with the staff of traffic police. It is possible to lead still a symbol to an unreadable look, having spoilt it mechanically or thermally, – in other words, to deform to not readership. the 1st inspector if will not fine you, will remove numbers and will send on a hardware re-registration. To strengthen number up feet as it is done by motorcyclists, completely nikchemno – electric systems it is simply turned number image back and will decipher it. 

Nobody cancelled video fixing of violations and to tell that it perfectly works, too it is impossible. While to be engaged in fund raising such makary it is simple to nobody profitably. Employees of traffic police simply have no desire to lose "work in the field” when drivers if something happens present them huge (for change) means. To drivers though what strengthening of control too not on a hand – they very much got used to go not by rules and to remain at all this without punishment. System at present such that punishments in the form of a penalty it is possible to ignore plus – troubles will not be.

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