10 circumstances to get a car Article GPS navigator

10 circumstances to get a car Article GPS navigator
For the last car few years the GPS navigator became an integral part of an interior of the car. Actually all modern cars delivered from another countries are equipped with it specifically on production. On a car is more senior always there is a possibility to get a car the GPS navigator separately, at adequate cost. But many car owners do not hurry up to get this device as do not know about all advantages of its use. In this article we will tell about 10, on our look the major and important reasons in favour of acquisition of this device.

1. Automatic laying of a route through the chosen settlements or geographical points – the main function of a car of the GPS navigator. For today actually for all states of the world, including the countries of the former USSR, detailed cards are developed. Thanks to it you can always understand, where you are and where it is necessary to move to get to the set point.

2. Address search – possibility of search of object to the known address. Actually all regional and regional the small town are presented in a navigation aaplet with the instruction not only only titles of streets and numbers of houses and structures. You should not go on the unfamiliar small town in search of the suitable house. The navigator himself will lay the best route of movement, taking into account road symbols, one-sided movement and traffic lights.

3. Statistics of the laid route – even before departure from the house you can see the future route, and as all its properties. The extent, an estimated time of stay in ways, types of roads on which will pass a route. All this will help to calculate truly stops, fuelling and the general time which you spend for the road.

4. Important objects on the way – in each navigator rather detailed list of important objects which will meet along the line is made. These are filling stations, hotels, bars, restaurants, banks, the airports, жд stations, the entertaining centres, zoos, establishment honey, objects of protection of a law and order. Simply noteworthy in the historical, cultural or aesthetic plan of a place. Not including that you can bring in base of the navigator the memorable places which have interested you. Having chosen interesting positions, you can always count on the help in a way.

5. The prevention of violations and GAI posts – in all modern navigation aaplets function of control of a high-speed mode is realised. If you exceed admissible for this site of the road speed, the navigator will warn about violation by a visual and sound signal. Not including that to be stored in memory of the device actually full base of stationary chambers of fixing of excess of speed and places of more frequent arrangement of posts of GAI. To these points the device as will inform on approach avtoindent.ru you beforehand. ATTENTION! It is necessary to direct special attention on this function when using a car of the navigator abroad. In certain countries this function is forbidden to use and its activation can lead to a considerable penalty in case of identification by the staff of road militia.

6. A choice such as the hardware – important function in case of device use with a view of optimisation of business connected with transportation of goods. It is dependent on the chosen type of the car (automobile, cargo, critical service,) the navigator will consider this parametre when laying route in unfamiliar occupied пт.

7. The statistics of the passable route – this function will help you to find the general time of stay in the ways, the passable distance, the highest and lowest point of a route. All information can be kept in a consequence in the form of the separate file on the computer.

8. Updatings cartographical инфы – the companies specialising drawing up of cards for navigation programs povsevremenno update information, add address search in new occupied пт, enter amendments in available maps. All updatings are available to use in the Web network and usually enter in the price of already found device.

9. The Hands Free function – to chagrin not all a car navigators are equipped with this function. Having added 10 more, fifteen dollars to the planned sum allocated for purchase, you can pick up model with the adapter integrated Blyutuz and that will relieve yourself of risk to be fined for introduction of the mobile phone during movement.

10. Additional abilities – modern cars GPS navigators it is the real multimedia devices which will allow you to have a look the film as with a memory card established in the navigator, and with the established player, to listen to music, to look through a photo in a slideshow mode, to read electric books. Upon purchase of the additional video camera, it is possible to use the navigator in a rear-view mirror mode.

It is far not the complete list of all abilities which the car will provide you the navigator. And all of them are urged to make your way very small, harmless and comfortable. Forward behind purchase and happy journey the car owner!

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