The newcomer of ability of a colour of a car of tyres from the Bridgestone

The newcomer of ability of a colour of a car of tyres from the Bridgestone
Usually, the subject of a car of tyres seems rather boring. That a message about their conversation, if all of them monotonous – round and rubber. But when we begin speech about a car Bridgestone tyres a subject revives by itself. Not so long since there was one more subject for conducting ardent conversations. The Bridgestone company invented the latest super – technology of painting of a car of tyres which is excellent from though what another which exists in a today’s car production of tyres.

Till this day, for this purpose, that on lateral face of a car of a tyre were put буковкы the snow-white colour, designating a name of the manufacturer, rubber with такм colour undertook. That process achieved not small amount of rubber of snow-white flowers that the colour did not burn out for always operation of tyres, also for maintenance of a fortress of the tyre on a disk. This ordinary method of drawing added excess weight to a tyre.

The new, advanced method of a colouring of tyres from Bridgestone offers absolutely other methods print drawing on tyres. Not to allow inscription fading, on the tyre the main layer is put on its lateral face, later on this layer the paint made specially for this new method of painting of the tyre is imposed. After, for protection against external damages, on a tyre put one more paint coat. Thanks to this method, Bridgestone can realise all own creative weeds thoughts, not zapamyatyvy at all this about economic and ecological parametres. All the matter is that with this method of a tyre is not become heavier, and properly, the expense of the combustible car is much more miniaturised.

Bridgestone reports that will be and to develop further those pluses which the new method of a colour of tyres gives. For example, the unique picture of the client or his photo can be put on lateral face of a car of a tyre in a profile and face). In the following, these drawings can be removed from the tyre according to the first requirement of the buyer.

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