Do not fear to recognise the to wine c…!

Do not fear to recognise the to wine c...!
If the employee who has stopped you of traffic police true and clearly explained you your violation with which you, at heart, agree, the forthcoming succession of events can occur according to two probable scenarios: the 1st — you honest recognise the fault, and the 2nd — under no circumstances disagree with shown charge. In the presence of strong nervishka and a large quantity of free time it is possible to prefer the 1st option of succession of events and persistently to defend the obviously injust position. But in most cases it is meaningful to find in itself courage to recognise fault and to incur for this certain punishment. Despite of existence a shoulder strap on shoulders and a militian staff in hands, the employee of traffic police — the ordinary person in this connection it is reasonable to present that «anything is not alien to it human». He, as though what person, is ready to dialogue and is capable to understanding. Why at a meeting with the severe owner of the road not to use simple knowledge of practical psychology? Try to present itself on a place of the person who has found another behind natural violation. You will test what feelings to it, seeing, how it loudly shouts and quarrels, trying to prove to be in successful light, poses as «strong this world»? For certain, anything, without considering negative emotions, and even if first you were adjusted completely benevolently, one minute everything can exchange. Therefore заместо to make excessive silly acts which can worsen and without that a difficult situation, to recognise better honest and weakened, and then with deep arguments to discuss with the inspector the offence. We think, for the driver a pleasant surprise will be that in this case all controversial questions отважутся on ability is prompt, without delays: the inspector, most likely, will write out a little probable penalty, and will not direct the attention to additional aggravating circumstances (not passable checkup, an incomplete complete set of the car and so forth). Owning the simplest knowledge of psychology of the person and using in communication with the staff of traffic police benevolent tone, it is possible, even having recognised fault, to get out only «an easy fright». But it is useful to hold in the head what to recognise the fault after all it costs in this case if you are truly guilty — to assume responsibility for everything that can simply seem to the inspector of traffic police, on less measure, unreasonably.

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