How to distinguish the employee of road inspection

The staff of inspectorate for traffic safety are only people in shape, with striped sticks, breastplates and being near the cars painted in special militian colours, or living on a stationary post. Though one of will apprehend faces at whom is absent — a breast symbol, the form, the car (a stationary post) — inspectors of traffic police are not! Respectively, though you as the driver should not submit to what their requirements! The exception is made by people with machine guns — can and shoot. But even you should not show them the driver’s licence! To the staff of all militian services, and subjects more private security, is enough to show the passport — for the certificate of your personality — and documents on the car — as confirmations of that you did not steal it.
Any tests to make to you violation of the rules of traffic stop the requirement to call employees of traffic police. To deal with violations of this sort they have the right only! All other options are penal blackmail and extortion. If here and there in the wood, on the deaf road, you brakes the lonely person in a militian form (or the person in shape accompanied by any suspicious civil), you should jump fast by and call in militia or тормознуть on a near post of GAI, tell about the unusual subject and ask to deal with that who is that and that does on the road. It will excuse you if the person will appear real lost the way the inspector (and will lead conversation on non-obedience) and if is not present — will help out the innocent people subsequent to you on this road, from a robbery, and even from death.

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