Not запамятовывайте about humour

Not запамятовывайте about humour

In though what, even the most severe situation, not substitution role is played by humour. It confuses and forces to use other rules of the game. The humour is capable to soften even the most serious. Generally, if the generous mother nature presented to you so valuable quality why it not to use?

For example, if at your car very dirty numbers and to you on it it was designated, it is possible to see indulgently that your "swallow" is afraid some cool flowing water. And hot in your area disconnected two months back. Or something something like that. A universal joke which would work in though what situation and with though what employee of traffic police, heavy to think up. Very much all of us various, the situation surrounding us also is very quite often replaced. It is possible to sneer concerning a penalty which to you is already inevitably written out, having addressed to the employee of traffic police with such words: «Waiter, account, please». Or to tell: «We congratulate, you my 100-th employee of traffic police who suspended me for this morning! You won a currency award at a rate of the 1st (2, 5, 10…) small sizes of compensation». Eventually, if absolutely to avoid the responsibility to you it will not turn out, humour, after all, will help to overcome oppression and will smooth any negative emotions about it. The positive spirit will be transferred also to the employee of traffic police on whom almost everything, now, depends.

Small secret: the staff of traffic police, as well as hunters, fishermen, car owners, very much adore to tell ridiculous stories. They wish will fill the moneybox of jokes and ridiculous situations at your expense (though pocket replenishment for them — not the most opposite occupation). Completely probably, in gratitude for a quite good joke, they will concern you more loyally… And if seriously to penetrate, from where there are so much jokes about unfortunate "GAI officers"? After all the improbable situation has real actual base. So, the sense of humour on us is inspected by good luck!

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