False road accident

Writer Saltykov-Schedrin said: ”In all countries of the road for movement serve, and at us besides for theft." How to be saved from false road accidents? Let’s understand technology of development and carrying out incorrect transport road incidents. This ordinary, tested with time and means, business – to provoke road accident, to entice means innocent, having substituted under blow the car which has been beforehand beaten (dents, glasses, headlights for 2110, tsarapinka, chips – specially for these purposes). Only special driver’s skill is required, and the scheme of actions is amazing is ordinary. Offenders are built on the route in the middle of a stream and look out for potential production – more often old foreign cars. The car should be not so available and not so expensive – for what excessive problems? When production starts to be reconstructed on the right, the hunter sharply increases speed and holds up under blow left face-to-face avtoindent.ru a wing. The victim is not in time опамятоваться – so promptly and maneuver is suddenly carried out – it seems, as though truly повинет it. From the car ‘victims" – in salon more often посиживают two more guys jump out ‘-begin scandal and demand from the absent-minded colleague to pay harmed, the prices of the repair estimated by a naked eye are usually lower.

There is not enough of that, swindlers choose special type of drivers:
– the people hurrying on urgent affairs;
– people whom conversation with employees of traffic police is undesirable;
– people very timid, cowardly, uncertain in itself.
Such operation on production of means takes 1-3 minutes. In half an hour speculators are ready to the latest pursuit of the Blue Bird, having refreshed a dent percussion of a hammer and paint from a ballonchik.
We offer a number of councils to motorists who got to a similar situation:
1. Do not understand without the protocol!
2. By all means call the employee of traffic police!
3. Do not show and do not give own documents to "dissatisfied party"!
4. Do not say, where live and work!
5. Make noise to prolong time and to draw attention of the inspector and other motorists!
6. Do not give in on arrangements of "victims" to drive off to the sidewalk. Stand where faced, even if the stopper will turn out!
Speculators will give up promptly, will not risk one victim for the sake of the following, having terrified the specialist of work of employees of traffic police which it is prompt "will find подкол" and will wrap up business against their.
Not to allow probable provocation, there are certain rules:
– Faultlessly observe Traffic regulations.
– Be especially accurate at a perestraivaniye in the right row on brisk routes.
– Steer clear of the import cars rumpled on the left board. – Insure the car.

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