The old car acquired by you was earlier someones together!?

The old car acquired by you was earlier someones together!?
Together acquired property — it everything that was bought though what of spouses after marriage registration irrespective of the fact how and on whom this property is issued. For example, you buy the car. Before you costs, according to documents, the real owner of the car, thus the 1st her owner went by it few years, took in shop and kept so far all checks. The person with diligent, fine documents, with a registration of the residential address does not hide. Check of the four-wheel beauty on stealing proves its "purity", you pay means and leave to wash purchase.

Think, everything is excellent?
A year later you the patrol stops on the road, shakes out from the car and sends further on foot. Having heard about some judicial instruction, you rush to find out, in what business, and learn that the wife of the diligent person gets divorced from the spouse and submitted the claim about recognition of the void transaction with together the acquired property as she did not know about it and a consent own did not give. And all — now you the pedestrian. The morals of this history are that, buying the car privately, it is necessary to receive by all means a notarised consent of the spouse of the dealer to the made transaction. Or at least personally to be convinced that it not against.

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