The inspector of traffic cannot inspect THAT

The inspector of traffic cannot inspect THAT
There is a speech not about that, it has on this right or is not present, and it is simple — cannot. According to Traffic regulations:
Serviceability of the parking brake is checked by a method of statement of the car on a bias (the corner makes a reservation it is dependent on loading or car type). Any requirements «inhalings on 4 clicks» or a troganiye from a place on "bench hammer" — it only noncommittal imaginations of individuals. Serviceability of brake system is checked by means of the special device measuring delay, thus check becomes on the dry and equal asphalted covering. The requirement «to brake on юз» — the imagination. Existence люфтов in operating management also is checked by the device (there is big that a protractor which fastens on a wheel, and a measuring thread — a sucker to glass). That seems to the inspector "by eye" — this his personal outlook. Practically the inspector is capable to check on the road only completeness of the car:
first-aid kit;
fire extinguisher;
symbol of an emergency stop.

If it tries to feel your car without accurate, passed certification and an adjustment of measuring devices, safely stick to it into a nose the coupon about passing of technical inspection. The masters inspecting at station, understand defects better than the inspector with nude hands.

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