How to be, if you got to accident the 1st time?

Actually always, the 1st time having got to accident, the driver is shocked: vanishes, makes useless acts, запамятывает to make the most necessary, agrees on unprofitable part offers, and even simply pleads guilty and writes any receipts for the considerable sums of means or undertakes to fill harm. Not to appear "extreme" in that situation, remember to itself an operations procedure and follow it, what to you said:
1) to write down surnames, addresses and phones of eyewitnesses;
2) to cause traffic police;
3) to write in the protocol: «Badly I feel, I understand nothing» (it will give the chance to you to specify details how you a little will calm down and will consult to friends or the lawyer).
Obviously, it is the plan of action, instead of the theorem. You can make to yourselves more detailed, include in it need to cause to the aid the most skilled in similar business of friends. Most important: if after failure you in the head everything mixed up, you do not realise, as there was a road accident what now to do, where to rush — undertake the plan of action and represent from itself a stupid boat. Happens also such that after failure the driver gets out from under a belly of the Kamaz which has run into it, not carefully shakes from a jacket a dust and with a smile reports on own exterminator: «Well the friend, for you now only to work two years for my painting!» If your nervishka same strong — honour to you and praise. But the plan of action nevertheless prepare. Never you will guess, what surprises will be presented to us by our mentality.

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