For what the rights select:: penalty or rights?

For what the rights select:: penalty or rights?
What to consider as the oncoming traffic lane and when for departure on it I deprive of the rights, all know at all GAI officers. What to say about ordinary motorists. Finally many drivers become pedestrians when should could be to get out a penalty. So left that "departure on a strip of oncoming traffic" in any law it is not defined. The treatment of this maneuver is absolutely given to a pas a discretion of the employee of traffic police. And for it not essentially, you called in on the oncoming traffic lane absolutely or only the left wheels. The verdict will be concrete – you on counter, and for it – deprivation of the rights. In fact almost always the driver should get out only a penalty.

To "oncoming traffic lane" in court
Often meeting case of departure on a strip of oncoming traffic – overtaking as a result of which you crossed or called in only the left wheels to the continuous line of a marking or two continuous (scheme No. 5). At all this absolutely not essentially that you overtook – "Lexus", under a hundred part soaring on own strip, or a tractor creeping with a speed of 10 km/h. The driver of a tractor, of course, the freak as did not move down on a roadside, but to you from it is not easier – about the rights absolutely precisely it is possible to forget for 4-6 months. And here if you had to cross continuous for this purpose to go round an obstacle, for example the same tractor which broke and blocked the road, and at all this you had a possibility to travel it on the right, it any more deprivation of the rights, and a penalty from 1000 to 1500 rubles – If abilities to travel on the right were not, and to punish you the inspector has no right. But the most ambiguous moment as cars human rights activists admit, is a departure on an oncoming lane on a site with limited visibility. For example, before sharp turn or at the end of lifting. Even if there are no warning or forbidding symbols or a continuous strip. The assessment of your maneuver is absolutely given to the discretion of the inspector, and to it is more visible, limited you had a visibility or is not present. And it has full authority to qualify your maneuver as regards the 4th article 12.15 of the Code about administrative offences – deprivation of the rights for 4 or 6 months. To avoid future disputes and judicial proceedings, it is better voobshchy to be released from overtaking on such sites – eventually keep not only only the rights and life. An oncoming lane, for departure on which deprivation of the rights threatens, it is considered also the row created for oncoming traffic of public transport. If at the moment of overtaking you there climbed – the subsequent half a year will go by the bus or a trolleybus. And here if, leaving a yard, you decided to pass on a strip of public transport in the passing direction with it, for this violation the penalty at a rate of 100 rubles is provided. The inspector cannot qualify that maneuver as departure on counter, in this case you only broke the instruction of the sign specifying the direction of movement.

New turn. What it to us bears?
Severe disputes between drivers and inspectors appear and at the moment of turn or a turn. And at such maneuvers even if you appeared on the oncoming traffic lane though all 4 wheels, not always the GAI officer has the right to deprive of you the rights. To make you the pedestrian the GAI officer has the right only in 2 cases. the 1st: you drive in the left lane and are going to turn to the left. But ahead see a stopper or the car standing on a traffic light, and the arrow "to the left" flares. Fondly believing that the stopper is own sort an obstacle which you can go round on the oncoming traffic lane, call in wheels on continuous, go round it and on an arrow turn. Round the corner you are met by the GAI officer and selects the rights. Also it will be completely right. the 2nd case – even if you turned truly, doing not call in on continuous, but, without having managed to be reconstructed in own row, appeared at least a back wheel on an oncoming lane of that road on which curtailed. The next 4 or 6 months will go for a drive on the underground. And here the turn or turn through continuous or two continuous (roles does not play) does not pull deprivation of the rights. In this case the GAI officer cannot regard your maneuver as driving on the oncoming traffic lane. Such violation is punished by a penalty in 1000-1500 rubles. Still the smallest penalty should be paid, if at departure from a yard you crossed the continuous. In this case, as well as with a strip for buses, on the oncoming traffic lane you did not go, but only broke the sign instruction. A penalty – 100 rubles.

Other situation if the symbols specifying the direction of movement, voobshchy is not present any. In this case you voobshchy are no by the rights to fine and the to deprive of the rights more. That case occurred not so long ago to the capital driver. Turning to the left from the street with one-sided movement, he did not see symbols which would specify that the road on which it curtailed, bilateral. It became clear after the completion of turn when the marking began. Alexey came back to own row, but the GAI officer who by unusual accident there was on duty, naturally, regarded maneuver as driving on the oncoming traffic lane and threatened to select the rights. The driver addressed in tribunal. In court the inspector did not hide that symbols truly are not present and many drivers very quite often break rules on this turn. Here therefore GAI officers there also are on duty. The tribunal supported the motorist, and to the chief of traffic police Northern a neighborhood of the capital took out the instruction about the inadequate organisation of traffic. The most fascinating that on time the court took four months (for Alexey’s so many time and should deprive of the rights) and managed to the driver in 15 тыщ rubles which it expended on consultation of lawyers.

Overtaking at an intersection
At an intersection it is better not to overtake. It is known by all drivers. But if without this maneuver not to manage – it is necessary to know, where it is possible. And it is possible only in one case – at a noncontrollable intersection and only if you move on the main road if the symbols forbidding overtaking, are not present and if this maneuver is allowed by the line marking (scheme No. 9) – the Most basic – to manage to be reconstructed in own row until as after an intersection the continuous will begin. If you at least one wheel run over it – not essentially, at the beginning of overtaking or at the termination, – the inspector will regard it as driving on the oncoming traffic lane and will select the rights. To become the pedestrian it is possible and with an overtaking case at an adjustable intersection or a pas a noncontrollable intersection if you move on the minor road.

P.S. It happens that capital GAI officers threaten to select the rights at drivers who left on tram rails of the counter direction. Not essentially, why it was made – for overtaking or turn, – for this maneuver the penalty in 1000-1500 rubles is provided only. To qualify such violation as driving on the oncoming traffic lane the inspector has not the right. By the way, can fine then when you rush on tram ways in the passing direction. Rules it is true клеветают that departure on tram ways of the passing direction is probable only in case the main road is occupied. And often meeting error of drivers – that departure on the oncoming traffic lane on the road with 3 strips average of which is created for movement in both directions, is not violation of the rules. Having noticed that maneuver, the inspector has the right to deprive of you the rights for 4-6 months.
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