For bribery to the employee – till 8 years of a colony, it is the fact

For bribery to the employee - till 8 years of a colony, it is the fact
That it was more clear — for the means handed over to the road inspector you simply can get under article 291 UK. In particular if some campaign for fight against bribery is carried out and it is necessary to land somebody on public. For this purpose it is enough to supply the inspector with the hidden microphone and to lower to it the plan «on honesty».

Therefore, if you expect to do without the protocol, keep in mind:
– equipment of video it is most convenient to arrange in a patrol car;
– the group of capture should be here and there nearby — in the imperceptible car, in the car with tinted glasses, and even it is simple to loaf close with a type of gapers;
– having looked back and having convinced of lack of disturbing signs, suggest the inspector to receive from you on a place a penalty, specifically a penalty, instead of something another that will manage to characterise as bribery later.

And not запамятовывайте: in diligent payment of a penalty there are advantages. You can appeal against punishment. Till that time while you do not receive back "driver’s licence", you will be uninviting as object extortion. You will feel the diligent person. You will leave mzdoimets without excessive banks of dark caviar. If all start to pay honest penalties, road inspection at own salary will die out for hunger and will stop to prevent to go to us on roads!

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