Deception for the sake of profit

Deception for the sake of profit
As it is clear, the staff of traffic police — not robots machine guns, and is completely live, sympathising people. They completely can be mistaken and mistaken. And when «on a game» there is your driver’s licence or even your "swallow", here, as they say, all means are quite good. It is possible and to invent, embellish a little reality, having a little distorted it in your advantage.
For example, it is possible to pretend to be the foreigner. And by means of "broken" British (German, French, Hindi or even a Sanskrit) and active gesticulation very clearly to show that you did not wish to break (realise nothing in aspects of movement on the main Russian dilemma — to roads, hurried to get to native embassy etc., etc.) . Your incoherent and not absolutely clear speech will bring down from a thought course even the most structurally adjusted employee of traffic police (obviously if you did not bring down before this most fierce image a hundred part or grandmothers more crossing the road and did not devastate all spirits supplies of blizkoraspolozhenny shops). It is possible to test to touch «a pity string» «a striped palochkonosets». To tell that in your scientific research institute even the hint on currency banknotes does not exist, and on the car you slowly "appropriate" petrol from laboratory supplies. Such people are capable to cause in valorous road guards, at least, feeling of indulgence.
The subsequent option — to strike the employee of traffic police with own awareness not only only in the field of the Code of Administrative offences and in the most modern amendments. And to tell that your offence still yesterday punished by most seriously, since this day is considered admissible action, the most strict reaction on which — the oral prevention (that while at all достигнул consideration and considering stages in ideas of the most vigorous deputy, to you, obviously, it is better to hold back the new comment stated by you pertinently).
There is small, but an improbable aspect: the gallant keeper of striped sticks can read and learn every night new version of the Code заместо Bibles. And to tell to you that the comment quoted by you could be read in the penultimate printing edition, on a certain page, but the modern Code of administrative offences excluded this information. So be vigilant.

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