Holes – are regulated by the Federal Law

Holes - are regulated by the Federal Law
It agrees GOST 50597 — 93 operating in the Russian Federation, very admissible on roads the sizes of holes, hollows, sags of a cloth and to that similar make on length of 15 cm, on width of 80 cm and on depth 5 see. Everything that more than these sizes at least on one parametre, should be fenced and designated. Open hatches should not exist the voobshchy! If you got on the road to a hole, which sizes surpass designated if your car received damages — call inspectors of traffic police and ask protocol drawing up. Demand, that the scheme was made in the presence of understood and in it were truly and precisely avtoindent.ru all incidents of business are reflected: sizes of a hole, lack of road symbols and ogorazhivaniye. Demand, that to you immediately, at the place of accident, gave out a protocol copy. After an adjudication in group of analysis and recognition you innocent in road accident you can seize own harm at road and operational office.

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