Term of administrative detention cannot surpass 3 hours

Therefore in such situations essentially to claim by drawing up of the protocol to specify in it time of its drawing up, on another you will roll on the small town endlessly: from police station in a narcological clinic, later in traffic police and t office. According to KOAP Russian Federation Art. 240 on request of the person detained for commission of an administrative offence, relatives are notified on a place of its stay, administration in a work or study place. Therefore use any possibility to call native or avtoindent.ru to colleagues. Why it essentially to make? Arrival of your acquaintances will secure you against abuses of officials. The greatest term of detention – 3 h – to you threatens in exceptional cases. On drawing up of the ordinary administrative protocol there are enough 10-20 minutes.

REMEMBER: to make explanations, to sign the protocol is your right, instead of a duty. Therefore fixedly read the document. As the violator you can recognise only the tribunal. Find in the protocol a place to write: "Is not agrees". At analysis of your complaint it will be clear that you from first minutes are not agree with an assessment of your actions by the inspector. Not including that, the inspector who has made the protocol, should hand over you a copy. To put it briefly, be attentive, look, for what undersign, ask the lawyer for protection of own rights. And still. Protocol signing by the person which is suspected or incriminated in an administrative offence, means only one: the person is informed with contents of the protocol. Signing of the protocol does not mean in any way a consent of the citizen with contents of the document.

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