By drawing up of the administrative protocol, it

is necessary for you to know acts of the driver By drawing up of the administrative protocol, it
If on you make the protocol for violation of the rules of journey of a crosswalk and/or violation of a priority of pedestrians, it is necessary to make the subsequent. In the protocol in the column for own explanations to specify, if such incidents took place that pedestrians at approach to a crosswalk of the car were not on transition. Or that were in such place that obstacles or threats by it it was not created and it could not be created. (For example, the pedestrian passed absolutely other strip, instead of that on which the car moved). It is proved by that item 18.1 traffic regulations obliges the driver at approach to transition to reduce speed, and as required тормознуть, to make way for pedestrians who, in – 1-x, already are on transition and which, in – 2-x, the obstacle or danger can be created. If at least one of these the criterion is not made, about item 18.1 traffic regulations violation with the parties of the driver it is impossible to say. It is necessary to consider and that the pedestrian to whom type obstacles or danger are made, according to KOAP, is the victim or, in the latter case, the eyewitness. Art. 256 of KOAP asks to indicate in the protocol, without considering other data, and victims or eyewitnesses. If it it is not made, besides, that the structure of an offence means existence such, it is necessary to recognise the protocol inappropriate to this norm. About it too it is necessary to specify in own explanations. Also in a neotklonimy order it is necessary to specify as eyewitnesses of own passengers or other persons who can confirm your version if the employee of GAI is released to fix them in the protocol, make it in the column for own explanations. Then it will help at the appeal of the resolution which has been taken out by the inspector, including with a judicial order.

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