47 councils to the car owner

47 councils to the car owner
1. Wish to give panels of devices from plastic a stylish look? Wipe its poliroly just for decoration and pound a dry spotless rag of a fabric. The light and freshness of the panel are guaranteed forever.
2. Dirty snow on a floor of salon is always unpleasant. It thaws, water flows under a rug – заржавевает metal. Put under lattice rugs for kitchen washbasins — and ventilation will help to remain to the bottom dry.
3. In a cool season the most experienced driver will not forget to wipe some glass of the car a little moistened and soaped rag that they did not mist over.
4. Disappointingly if the plastic ledge of a contact part of the lock of ignition wore out or melted off. Do not hurry up in that case to change all lock: on a ledge it is possible наплавить cellophane. Make of small cut pieces "a puff pie", lay it to the place of a shortcoming and warm up a payalnichok. Then ratfily appropriate to the hardened detail a suitable form.
5. To lower radio reception hindrances (if ignition system ordinary), apply the additional condenser though what brand in capacity at least 2 мкФ with working tension more 15В. Include it between the plug "+Б" ("Zhiguli") or "VK-B" ("Muscovite", "Zaporozhets", "Volga") and "weight". Electrolytic condensers connect in coordination with designated on their polarity. And 2 more aspects: the portable radio receiver is most ideal for placing in "screen" — the iron case, having connected it to "weight"; it is better to use only a car the aerial which ekranirovanny cable incorporates to the receiver.
6. Range of reception of a compact TV set in salon can be developped by means of the home teleaerial. Zamesto supports fix a tube. Thrust in it a stick in length 1 — 1,5 metres, having fixed on the top luggage carrier. Control — an ordinary method.
7. Often for tape recorder or radio receiver connection with supply voltage 9 In at an onboard network invite radio of the master. If wish to do without it — collect the soglasuyushchy device serial connection of 4 KD105 diodes. Power failure on it near — 3В.
8. Трещинкы in the jarred-on polyethylene details close up an electrosoldering iron or the nezapyatanny screw-driver heated up on fire, a knife tip, etc. Zamesto of solder take pieces of cellophane.
9. To return the lost colour of claret rasseivatel of back dimensions — it is quite easy: remove rasseivatel, clear them снутри, cover with a reddish krap-varnish which is applied in radio engineering to protection of places of the soldering. As it is transparent, bright light of lamps it will be visible also in the afternoon.
10. A dust and moisture — old enemies of a reflecting covering of reflectors of headlights: it exfoliates, or grows dull at their hit. Загерметизировать a headlight it is possible plasticine, having missed the mark compound of glass and the boss of a lamp with the reflector case.
11. In default stoplight VK 12 hydraulic switch… will boil it in water of 5 minutes.
12. That rims forever kept own initial look, protect them from corrosion by a varnish of the Russian Federation 283 (it 4С). To put it two times (with an interval at 2 — 3 o’clock after natural, drying) follow on the cleared and fat-free disks.
13. At whom the car did not slip? Perfectly, if nearby the wood or a bush also is to whom to promote. But there are situations very opposite. How to find an exit from them? Be reserved by a wire mat — "rug" which is on sale in household shops. It also is cheap and comfortable: having enclosed that rug under a slipping wheel, you without efforts will move down even from ice.
14. The dent on a body from a narrow iron leaf of many drives to despair>. Start it to correct hardly — and only aggravate a type of the car. Meanwhile, certain dents not so difficult can be levelled a strong magnet. Bring it to edge of a dent and pull on itself. Then serially move a magnet on the deformed site, and that will be levelled without paint damage.
15. If it is heavy to twirl the screw or a bolt in an awkward place, put on its head the typical extension piece — a slice of a rigid rubber tube which much more will simplify a problem.
16. How many altercations on rubber consolidations of back and front glasses! Eventually they (sealant) lose blackness and light, burst. To update them, cover rubber with a consistence of rubber glue and dural powder (the weight is obliged to have density of dense sour cream and to be put on a sealant with a brush). And that glass during painting remained spotless — stick it with an adhesive plaster.
17. If lost elasticity rubber brushes of screen wipers, take them 1 minute in pure petrol. Later diligently wash up with soap, and they will earn, as new.
18. Good ten years can be stored in bank paint on which surface the circle from "oilproof" rubber is put. The condensed obstruction banks with such "secret" will not allow to be formed to a classical crust.
19. Zabortovka of a tyre — business labour-consuming: rubber rubs about закраину a disk. Discrepancy will be gone if to grease tyre boards with soap.
20. Disks of wheels lost light. Usually them enamel, but more effective method considered application of epoksidny glue and dural powder (or ready dural paint — "serebryanka"). For earlier clear disks of paint and a rust, degrease them. A mix dissolve with solvent (No. 646, 647) to that density that it was possible to apply a spray. It is possible, naturally, to use and tampon, but with its help to put glue with a rovnenky layer — hard. After that "cosmetics" of a wheel few years will elegantly look.
21. Corrosion is brutal to pipes and exhaust silencers of system of release. Except tin patches it is possible to weld on upon holes and others — from fibre glass fabric on silicate office glue. Three slices of fibre glass fabric burn a blowtorch for paraffin removal. Having cleared the damaged place, impose these patches and let’s to everyone dry up.
22. Semi-axes of cars "Muscovite", "Zhiguli", "Volga" are taken from a case of the back bridge without the special adaptation. Fix on a semi-axis flange the removed wheel turnaround (it is comparable with working situation) the party. 2 hands jump pull on itself a semi-axis — it will simply give in.
23. To take from a wheel the punctured chamber absolutely not by all means completely. Try that method. Tear off tyre edges from a rim from both parties of a wheel (for example, a jack). Having trampled on a wheel, besiege a tyre to the disk middle. An assembly shovel enter about a nipple for edge of a tyre and easy movements with a support on a rim shift the tyre, taking away it from a disk. It should enter into its deepening from a reverse side. And from formed such makary cracks — the part avtoindent.ru chambers is taken. A little "small knots for memory" to only just designated method: 1) begin with a nipple, 2) while the chamber is vulcanized, check, whether is not present in a tyre nailing, etc. 3) clear it of rubbish 4) after curing powder the chamber with talc.
24. Adjustment of a hummock wire of the parking brake — business difficult. How to hold flat-nose pliers a cable tip when on it twist an adjusting nut? Facilitate for itself a problem, having screwed in addition to adjusting and kontrovochny nuts a third. Two last — pull together with keys. Now the tip keeps is trivial.
25. Cover final system with universal Unism greasing in aerosol packing — and corrosion is not terrible. The secret that on warm pipes greasing, burning out, leaves a film.
26. There is also that way of protection outside of exhaust pipes and the exhaust silencer: after laborious cleaning cover them with a narrow layer of graphite greasing. It forms a strong anticorrosive film.
27. Remember a usual method of a voroneniye — protection of iron details, bolts, nuts, etc. from corrosion. Clear them and degrease. Heat up a detail in a blowtorch flame to dark and cherry colour and lower in a bath with though what lubricating oil. Now the rust of a detail does not threaten.
28. The inexperienced driver has a storage battery, usually, dirty, its frame or a square of fastening of the battery — are bared, and it is the soil for the self-category. Try to isolate a frame from a surface аккума a strip of rubber or an isolating tape and to contain the battery of the nezapyatanny — it will smoothly serve.
29. To accelerate motor start on cold the blowtorch will help. Warm up it before steady burning, then close for certain time access of petrol to a nozzle and renew it after the flame will go out. A stream паров petrol which appears, send to an airabsorber opening in the case of the air filter. The cursor is ready to start-up.
30. Plasticine is even more effective some spotless bitumen with which from time to time fill in batteries. Bitumen at difference of temperatures bursts and if to add in it 20 % of plasticine, cracks will not be.
31. Do not despond, if it is impossible to get new working edges of epiploons — will be necessary starenky. Put on a shock-absorber epiploon on an external diameter a ringlet curtailed from a strip of a foil, it is most ideal brass. Its thickness pick up taking into account wear. As a result of growth of an external diameter it is miniaturised internal, and the epiploon again densely clasps a rod. And worn-out vorotnikovy epiploons with the spiral spring, established on the crankshaft and in a box, still will work if to truncate a mainspring on some rounds.
32. It is necessary to be the uncommon athlete, that выпрессовать a finger of the spherical hinge from draught in an operating drive, the more rusted. But if you already made it — be not too lazy to put before assembly on a conic surface of a spherical finger graphite greasing. Then a long time you should not make an effort.
33 whether. It is possible to pump over hydraulic system of brakes without the workmate or to change in it liquid? It appears, it is real. Put on an ordinary sprintsovka a hose suitable on a diameter, it is better transparent, hlorvinilovy. That option is probable also: to thrust between 2 slices of a rubber hose a glass tube. Having very much compressed a pear, densely put on the free end of a hose the union for pumping. Sprintsovka suspend, that the hose was, on ability, in vertical situation and that it perfectly to create. 3 — 4 times sharply press a brake pedal, but release it it is sluggish to make in system superfluous pressure. Later unscrew the union a little. Brake liquid with vials of air will be involved in a sprintsovka. Usually after 2 — 3 such repetitions liquid will go on a tube without vials. Laboriously close the union, remove a hose, decant liquid and undertake the subsequent wheel." Small knot for memory": 1) from time to time fill up a water level in a tank of the head brake cylinder. 2) ancient liquid at substitution is squeezed out without the aid of the union.
34. To protect a salon threshold from metal corrosion, зашкурьте, degrease it and paste glue "88" a rubber strip in width 1 — 1,5 mm.
35. Begin to flow brake water — frequent surprise after long winter parking of the car. But from this situation there is a usual exit. Few times sharply press a brake pedal, then remove a wheel, a brake drum and the blocks soiled with liquid, dry them. Blocks need to be smoothed out nazhdachky average granularity. From under dustproof covers remove the remains of brake water, and then establish back details. After several strong pressing a brake pedal — leaks should not be (if, naturally, business is concrete in deformation of a rubber cuff).
36. To pour antifreeze it is possible by means of a longish polyethylene bag with the cut-off bottom.
The highest part of the turned-out sleeve attach gluing together by a tape to the block of cylinders below a drain opening, bottom — lower in capacity for water. The sleeve became "hose", but remember that antifreeze — poison.
37. To update silvery colour of the motor the EDP universal epoksidny glue will help. Add to it dural powder and stir with small amount of solvent for nitropaints. If the structure has a suitable consistence – paint is ready. It will harden in some hours.
38. How to prolong life of the storage battery? Before the general charging charge banks, in what fall of tension and electrolit density the greatest, to level of others. To do it it is possible with the standard charger. But, as at connection to one bank the current surpasses admissible level for it and the rectifier, it needs to be reduced, having included in a chain usual 2-нитевую a headlight lamp. It is dependent on connection of its threads various sizes of resistance turn out, and means, and tension of a current. At the parallel — a current the greatest, at serial — small. If to include that or other thread — promezhny.
39. Because of breakage of a spring of the absorbing valve in the carburettor petrol does not arrive. Perfectly if there will be the necessary spring or, at least, an iron wire and if is not present? Change it… foam rubber cube. To cut out it it is necessary cunning that the parties of a square were entered in a valve configuration, and the height was 8 — 10 mm (the size is adjusted in a place). The valve should be drawn in a little to a nest. The gasoline pump with foam rubber will work years.
40. Much солидола leaves for clarification of plugs of the storage battery. Well and quite often it is necessary to do it if not to use that "trifle". From narrow felt cut out ringlets with the internal diameter equal to a diameter of openings in plugs, and with the external — on 20 mm more. Impregnate them with engine oil and put on battery probes. Do not feel sorry for ringlets for some drops of oil with motor щупа.
41. What to do, if "departed" the relay regulator, and to naiblezhayshy 100 it is far? Disconnect wires from conclusions of a regulator of "III" and "VZ" or "I" (for "Zhiguli" — "15" and "67"). To them connect a bulb of 21 W. Having become specific loading, it will help out you.
42. Do not hurry up to throw out the storage battery on which mastichny surface there was a crack. To rescue it it is possible so: to clear from грязищи and to put from above a narrow layer of Moment glue. It "will promptly seize" the dissolved mastic and forms a reliable layer of protection.

43. One of circumstances of increase in level of fuel in the poplavkovy chamber of the carburettor — mote jamming between a locking needle and its nest. Be not too lazy to press a hose of supply of petrol in the carburettor. Let the cursor will develop all petrol from the poplavkovy chamber. Physics laws now will be necessary: falling together with a needle, the float will liberate a mote, and petrol will wash away it at motor start.
44. Resourcefulness will allow to find simply, what oil in bank. Drip it in water. If the drop has a form of a lens and floats without configurations few minutes — oil motor and if for some seconds blurs, forming an iridescent film — transmission.
45. For definition of a type of oils take them in similar quantities in pipettes. Having opened the top ends, count, how many the thaw will flow out for a unit of time, for example, in half-minute. The least viscous oil will follow, naturally, better.
46. Filling in a fuel tank, enclose in a funnel over the filter a layer of a dense fabric (for example, a rag of an old sheet). It will perfectly finish cleaning petrol.
47. Imprudent damage of a fillet of the razvaltsovanny end of a petrolwire tube is simple for cleaning. It is necessary to flatten out a piece of solder or lead in a plate in width about 0,5 — 0,8 mm. Then to cut out from it a washer on the size of a fillet and to thrust it as laying between a fillet and the union. If to tighten a cap nut, leakage of petrol will end.

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