Some usual councils which

can be necessary for car owners
1. Asymmetric wear of a car of the tyres, caused by incorrect adjustment of wheels, it is possible to find to the touch, feats a palm across a protector. If the feeling «against wool» appears at hand movement inside, to the car case — means it is available an expense of wheels. If you test feeling, when the hand goes outside — means at wheels there is a convergence.

2. Car owners know what to remove a tyre from the punctured tyre — a difficult problem. It is possible to use a jack and a loop from a strong kapron rope (for example, a towing cable). The rope should be passed through an opening in a disk and to stick a loop, the jack is put aboard by tyres and rest it against a loop. Working as a jack for lifting, separate a tyre from a disk. Not to fasten a loop each time, it can be made double and to carry in the car as the invariable adaptation.

3. There is a usual means for control of level of electrolit in аккуме. On the plastic panel it is possible to mount 2 bulbs for a pocket lamp and two wire щупа. A sampler lower in a battery room to bank, a clip attach to the plug «+» or «-». If one bulb flares, to bank add, both will not be lighted yet.

4. To fill the car with oil begins even easier if to get the easy adaptation. In a tank or the canister with oil roll the gate from the chamber and a tube reaching to the bottom. The pump via the gate pump air which submits the pressure oil to taking-away tube through which fill car units.

5. If to place the car accumulator in a sack from thick cellophane, you can protect brilliant parts of the motor and the clothes from hit on their acids. To avoid probable ejection of electrolit, the sack should be fastened not hardly.

6. To take out got stuck car, in addition to a cable and the mount which is available in a set for each car owner, it is necessary to have in a luggage carrier and an ordinary bayonet shovel with the 30th centimetric piece of the pipe, freely putting on on its handle. Having driven in the earth a shovel in 2-3 metres from the car, it is necessary to put on it a pipe, and then, having hooked for a towing hook on a cable, to reel up it on a pipe by means of the mount passed in a loop of a cable. The car such method can be taken out without the aid of the motor even alone.

7. "Construction" from a pan with cool water, capacities (it is better not iron) and a teapot standing on fire allows to receive the distilled water for аккума. Essentially only to hold in the head that the water level in a teapot should be below an internal opening of a nouse.

8. To find on a working cursor a candle which misses, the ordinary pencil will help. It is necessary for undermining from 2 parties, in the middle to make cut and to pick out a piece of a slate pencil in length of 3 mm. It is necessary to concern with one end of a pencil weight, and another — a candle electrode. If the candle is serviceable, through an air gleam in a slate pencil the spark will slip.

9. Small breakdown of a racetrack of a car of the tyre still can be repaired. That iron threads of a cord did not break through the chamber, pass in an opening a leg of rubber "fungus" from a first-aid kit car. Under a fungus put a tin circle with an opening, its edges should be turned in.

10. The flexible roller of a cable of the speedometer, failed because of a rounding off of sides on one of its ends, it is possible to repair simply. The rounded end it is necessary напаять tin, and then ratfily to give it square section.

11. To make a universal key for an otvertyvaniye of jams of a car of shock-absorbers it is possible from an ordinary adjustable wrench, having drilled in its cheeks of an opening and having inserted into their iron pins.

12. Some drops of shampoo or any watery detergent, added in a tank of a washer of a windscreen of the car, improve work of brushes of a screen wiper. Water with detergent more quickly and more purely washes out glass, reduces abrasive action of a road dust.

13. Changing oil in a car case, and turning on a stopper a wrench, it is possible to burn hands hot oil. I suggest to act in a different way. Having a little unscrewed a nut, adhere to a spuskny stopper a slice of a twine and reel up some rounds on a carving. Having pulled a twine, it is possible to unscrew a stopper, to save it from грязищи, in hands — from hot oil.

14. If to cut out an opening in a side of a plastic or plastic bottle, the comfortable funnel for a fuel tank with a lateral mouth will turn out.

15. That the canister in a luggage carrier of the car did not rattle and did not peel paint, it is possible to pull on it two rubber rings. Rings it is possible to cut out from old a car of the chamber of the huge size or to stick together from a rubber tape.

16. From old, but the operating iron, the good vulcanizer can turn out — it is necessary to make such design: the iron fastens in a vice, and rubber will go mad between a hot sole and a self-made spiral press.

17. If the puncture of a car of the chamber is insignificant, it is possible to do without temporarily some glue and curing. Cut out from rubber a circle, make an incision it on an edge. The ring cut which is not reaching the centre will turn out. To end repair, it is necessary to pass only a half of the turned-out valve in the chamber through a puncture.

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