Councils to beginners motorists

If you, without having sufficient experience of driving отважтесь to test itself as the driver, – our councils will promote you to master elements of driver’s skill. Though many companies also will not lease the car to the unexperienced driver (requirements actually all cars прокатов – a driver’s experience more than 2 years), our councils will be useful many beginning motorists. About a kontsentrirovannost and slackness. At movement muscles of hands, a humeral belt and a neck should be very weakened. It gives the chance to avoid tension and slackness. Properly – will increase speed of reaction.
Smoothness of movements. At a wheel sharp pressing pedals and movements by a wheel are inadmissible – is fraught with drifts, yuzy and even capsizing. In particular it is burning on the slippery road. Tracking a steam of cars ahead and behind. In a steam of cars it is necessary to look not only only at ahead going car and on all events before it. Having noticed, for example, fires of stoplights of far going in advance cars, you will have laid up time to make the necessary decision. It is necessary to keep control and a situation behind. On ability before critical braking it is necessary to "blink" few times the stoplights to the driver, which goes behind to warn him. To look at the purpose. At maneuvers it is necessary to look not at an obstacle (a counter, a dog), and on the purpose (the departure, that point where plan visit the car). In an unpleasant case (remember the first trip on "adult" are great) will get specifically there, much less everything it would be desirable. The correct redistribution of weight of the car from an axis on an axis. Change of load of face-to-face or back wheels is carried out by "gas" and brake pedals. At a sbrasyvaniye of "gas" and a pritormazhivaniya the car "pecks", strengthening coupling of face-to-face wheels with darling maneuverability of the car improves. It is necessary to do it at emergence of an obstacle in a way. Upon termination of maneuver, on the contrary, addition of "gas" it is necessary to transfer car weight on back wheels for its stabilisation. 

"Passing" of turns. The right line of movement should pass from the external roadside to апексу – and again on external radius. On another it is possible not to "be entered" and take off from the movement line. A uniform rassredotachivaniye of weight of the car on left and right "board". It essentially, for example, at performance of a known figure "snake". Many make this maneuver incorrectly, always rotating a wheel. At all this the weight of the car is rhythmically redistributed between the left and right wheels, and its stability is aggravated. There can be even an emergence of a resonance and capsizing. Correct it is considered such rassredotachivaniye of weight when between turns of a wheel there are small intervals of time, the wheel is in "zero" – wheels are focused directly. For this period of time the car is stabilised, its weight "lays down" on all four wheels moderately that gives the chance to avoid above-mentioned troubles and just right to "be entered" between counters.

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