19 tiny cunnings of the car owner

19 tiny cunnings of the car owner
1. The hose of a drive of coupling became torn. If the hose of a drive of coupling became torn, it is necessary to wind the damaged place with crude rubber which usually vulcanize chambers, and from above hardly to fix it a copper wire. Far, naturally, you will not leave, but to 100 you will reach.

2. The wheel went down. And here again the wheel went down. It is necessary, as has not luck: запаски, neither crude rubber, nor spare chamber. Do not despair. It is necessary to remove a cover from the tyre pump, to extend a rod with a cuff and to pour in the cylindrical case of water. Now stick a rod and pump in the lowered chamber water with air. As during movement centrifugal force will force water to be distributed on a circle, air through a puncture will leave even more sluggish. And to garage can reach.

3. It is possible to return a candle. If porcelain isolation on an old candle is not damaged, it is possible to return a candle. Put it for 15-20 minutes in acetone, then ототрите from a deposit a wire brush. Enter some drops of hydrochloric or sulfuric acid into a candle cavity, «пошуруйте» there a match. Now clean a short skirt and the central electrode. Wash a candle water and adjust a gap. Now you have a spare candle. By the way, when examine the motor, get accustomed to candles. If around certain from them there was an oil spot, means, its is time for changing. The matter is that because of interruptions in an iskroobrazovaniye oil from not burnt consistence filters between a candle and a head of the block of cylinders and is evenly squeezed out outside.

4. To pierce brake drums it is possible also most. As it is necessary fix wheels a protivootkatny emphasis, поддомкратьте a back wheel. Remove from a semi-axis a drum, turn it a working surface outside. Include now the first or reverse gear. Yes do not fear, the car anywhere from a jack will not fall down, and the back wheel will spin as on the lathe. Shaber or a nazhdachny stone, strongly holding, smooth cambers. In the same way it is possible to pierce and drums of face-to-face wheels, putting them on a back semi-axis.

5. Resonator substitution. At substitution of the resonator of final system happens not simply to unscrew a nut of a coupling collar if it spent under the car bottom at least half a year. Sometimes the bolt simply breaks. To facilitate unscrewing function, it is necessary to smooth out at first an iron brush an acting carving of a bolt, then to moisten a carving with getting liquid, for example, kerosene. In about 10 minutes it is possible to take a cap six-sided key – now a nut will go. But it is not necessary to turn on it up to the end, it is enough to make 3-4 turns that it was possible to bring down in easy blows of a hammer a collar from a resonator pipe on a reception pipe, having bared a joint of these pipes. Obstukivayem a hammer the bared joint, but not so being zealous not to break. Now we undertake hands a pipe and avtoindent.ru we rotate it round own axis that in one, in other party, at once trying to extend the resonator back. Happens, does not leave. Then we will try to bring down an end face of a pipe of the resonator back, imposing on it any iron feature, but under no circumstances not a sharp chisel. We strike with a hammer on this feature, trying to force down on a circle. The resonator moved. Well, and now there is nothing more simply, than to put the new resonator. For simplification of process of connection of pipes it is possible to grease them with lubricating oil.

6. Exhaust silencer заржавевает. Exhaust silencer заржавевает mainly from within. There is a method to slow down corrosion process. For this purpose it is necessary to drill an opening in an exhaust pipe and to thrust in it a tubule with a cap low. Better, naturally to put it on a carving that it was possible to unscrew from time to time. Fill in in this tubule engine oil. The heated exhaust gases will warm up oil, and its pairs will begin to braid the exhaust silencer from within, protecting from corrosion, more precisely, slowing down it. And having unscrewed a tubule, you will add oils.

7. Laying and washers becomes rigid and does not provide connection density. Eventually copper laying and washers become rigid and does not provide connection density. A blowtorch heat them (suspended on a metal wire) until red. And let now will cool down. Cooled down? Well and it is excellent, they again became myagenky.

8. And again about laying, but already cardboard. Is at their property to be torn. From this difficult situation it is possible to find an exit. Wash a place (or places) a gap petrol or White-spiritom, accurately combine and wrap up 2 layers of a polyethylene isolating tape.

9. It is damaged хомутик. It is damaged хомутик and there is nothing to tighten a hose on a branch pipe? Take a myagenky iron wire and шплинт, only it should be time in three more thickly than a wire. Now tighten.

10. The piece of coal failed. At survey of a trambler you found that the piece of coal failed. The slate pencil from a pencil will serve заместо a piece of coal: same carbon.

11. The lock starts to work at a door badly. It happens that the lock starts to work at a door badly. You slam a door, and the lock is not closed. Means, greasing in the mechanism came to an end. It is not necessary to remove a covering to reach the lock. Open a door and at its end face unscrew the top screw of the lock. In the formed opening dig a butterdish engine oil. Wrap the screw and develop the lock. It will work still is very long.

12. Average operating draught does not act in film. Let’s say on "Zhiguli" average operating draught does not act in film. Here approximate sequence of actions which need to be made that it nevertheless to remove. We turn on two nuts of fastening of spherical fingers to a soshka and the pendular lever. The sharp end of a hammer very much we beat on a soshka it is sensitive above the hinge of average draught. Fingers of hinges drop out of conic openings in lugs. Now we knock a hammer on the pendular lever. And here she is average operating draught. As pretty falls on a reception pipe of the exhaust silencer. Well, how to remove lateral draughts? To the same manners.

13. The valve of pumping of the brake cylinder does not turn away. You had a need to pump over brake system, but, as ill-luck would have it, valve of pumping of the brake cylinder does not turn away. It is not necessary to worry. Let’s act without hurrying up. An iron brush we clean the ill-fated valve, we moisten it with brake liquid that that filtered into a carving. We take a hammer and obstukivay the valve in easy blows from top to down, it seems, hammering and loosening. Then we take a wrench, but not rozhkovy, but face which should densely посиживать on sides, and… Also we unscrew. Where still to the valve to disappear?

14. To remove a brake drum. You need to remove a brake drum, and it, as they say, rested. Certain to cope with a drum, heat up it a blowtorch. It, naturally, helps, but after all opened огнь in garage – piece terrible. We will apply another to a way. Let’s smooth out an iron brush a drum and semi-axis joint and we will moisten it with getting liquid, for example, kerosene. Let’s turn out directing pins of a wheel and we will take away brake shoes. We tap a hammer round openings under wheel bolts, then a wood drift we force down a drum from a brake board moderately on a circle.

15. Brake liquid leaks. You saw that brake liquid in junctions of a broad tank with the case of the head brake cylinder leaks. Means, sealing plugs are guilty. To change them it is not so indispensable. Make walkers – their internal diameter should be on 2 mm less diameter of plugs. Now tighten. The leak is eliminated.

16. Brake liquid flowed out. In a way brake liquid flowed out. Do not panic. You have on the last measure four options, than to fill brake system: vodka, fortified wine, soap water and antifreeze. Home will reach, but later, naturally, the system will need to be washed.

17. Rotor of a trambler. A rotor a trambler (begunok) – деталька though small, but very basic. Yes here failure, you will not always find on it breakdown traces. Eventually you will notice a tiny crack through which the spark goes not on a candle, and on weight. How to close up this breakdown? There is a large quantity of methods – to close up it with chewing gum, to close up sealing wax, to drip on breakdown by the melted kapron or polyethylene and so forth. One of the tested ways of fight against this malfunction the subsequent: between a rotor and weight lay isolation which the spark will not punch. It can be a circle from rubber, from a hlorvinilovy isolating tape, some circles from an ordinary polyethylene film and other similar materials.

18. Finished without the aid of others ворачиваться on the place a coupling pedal. On "Zhiguli" of the eighth model suddenly finished without the aid of others ворачиваться on the place a coupling pedal. Here it is necessary to remove a cable of conducting of coupling, to pull out it from a cover, to wash kerosene, to grease with graphite greasing, to thrust in a cover, and later into place. The pedal again began to work normally. But the most inquisitive became clear approximately in a month when the owner of "eight" found that forgot to put a spring. Here so! The pedal and without a spring worked.

19. The gate for the tubeless tyre – a thing very suitable even if you use tyres with chambers. A place of a puncture close up with the same chewing gum, and the punctured chamber voobshchy pull out. Remove the ordinary gate and put заместо it tubeless. And your tyre if it has boards in serviceability, becomes tubeless.

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