Well very good advice to motorists (it is not enough humour)

ROAD SIGNS 1. If in a zone of your attention, there is a Kids symbol, be accuratest – from your car firm emblems can from pick.
2. If you see ahead of yourselves a symbol with a snow-white horizontal strip on a kvasny background, turn back – ahead Spartak admirers.
3. If on a roadside of the road the symbol with figure 40 on a blue small square is established – do not reduce speed below forty km/h. Though, if the blue background does not guard you, can not listen to this councils.
4. If you see on the road a symbol with the image of a deer – safely press on gas, a swift-footed deer! 

1. If the traffic controller standing at an intersection raised highly up a hand with a striped staff, it means: "Look all what I have a striped staff!"
2. If the traffic controller standing at an intersection suddenly sharply jumped aside – check, whether not so you took away on is left. 

1. If before an intersection you brought down a traffic light, at a train of an intersection be guided by indications of road symbols.
2. If road signs with which you were going to cope, too were brought down by you, consider the road the main.
3. If on a traffic light, trailing over a strip of your movement, the signal in the form of 2 crossed kvasny strips was lighted is means: "For you the end, the partner".
4. If you, operating "Zhiguli", come nearer to an intersection on the main road, and on minor besides to an intersection "Mercedes" approaches, continuing movement, put out in a window the left hand, extend it up and bend in a fist all fingers, without considering an average.
5. If you, operating "Mercedes", come nearer to a crossroads on the minor road, and on main besides to an intersection the "Zhiguli" which driver put out the left pуку in a window approach, having bent in a fist all fingers, without considering an average, stop and попустите it. Where it from you on "Zhiguli" will get to? 

If you found weakening of fastening of a case of the managing director of the mechanism on your car – means, you fine understand such intricate things. 

1. If the standing on the roadside pedestrian raised a hand with the huge finger exposed up, means, it is delighted your style of driving – thank him an easy nod of the head.
2. If directly ahead of yourselves you beheld the voting pedestrian – means, you drove on the polling station.
3. Pedestrians who at the moment of inclusion of a yellowish signal of a traffic light were on the carriageway, should on ability promptly it liberate and if it is unreal – to lay down, having covered the head with hands. 

1. Before beginning overtaking, the driver should be convinced that before it there are other cars.
2. If the driver of the hardware subsequent to you hangs on your bumper, remember, whether you did soon sharp stops.
3. If you тормознули for repair in not put place, immediately expose behind own car a symbol of an emergency stop. The corresponding sound of the brought-down sign just right will warn you about approach of other car.
4. If near a place of your emergency stop there is a symbol "journey is forbidden", reinstall it behind your car is will allow you to be engaged in repair in a measured situation. 

If you, being at a wheel of another’s drunk car without the driving licence and moving with speed of 100 km/h on occupied пт in a zone of act of a sign "journey it is forbidden" on the road with one-sided movement in the direction, the return to a clot of the moving hardware, not avtoindent.ru including the turn index, made overtaking of the car of road sentry duty of traffic police, stop and after approach of the inspector ask it a question: what the hell it, sober and with the rights, went in this direction on that road?
From a hair loss пантовигар responses.

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