How not to burn the car?

How not to burn the car?
As it is clear, when passing THAT to drivers it is necessary not only to stand only multikilometer turn and to be barked with the inspector, proving an expiration date of pharmaceutical means in the first-aid kit or serviceability of the fire extinguisher. But if the most part after all prefers to carry medicines with itself — suddenly analginum after roughly spent days off is useful — that here the personal fire extinguishing means at our motorists does not use honour. Though absolutely in vain. According to Capital service of rescue, only for the summer period from "a reddish cockerel” in the capital and area 45 cars were lost, thus almost always "the steel stallion” could be rescued, have the unfair motorist under a hand the fire extinguisher. The main precondition of ignition as it is surprising, not so severe road accidents with tragic destructions and human victims, and an obvious carelessness of owners to "swallows" are. Despite of innumerable altercations concerning safety of the Russian cars, even at failure their ignition occurs only in several cases from 100, and foreign cars blaze and than that is more rare. But here because of incorrect operation or independent "incision" in regular conducting of any additional "lotions" fires happen pretty quite often.
The main discrepancy — confidence certain kulibiny in own absolute knowledge. For example, because of the same nonprofessional connection of audiosystems kutsy short circuit can cause a fire not only only in motor department and in salon. However, it is necessary to mention that the main failure — "vtykaniye" in a car of different amplifiers and the subwoofers eating outright from аккума. To chagrin, only few decided to save up on services of the adjusting centre are capable truly and harmless to lay all wires. Quite often because of "quite good acoustics” ignition begins to a descent in 2 places — under a cowl and is concrete in the location, for example, the amplifier. As they say, cheaply perfectly does not happen, so if you poorly understand electronic chains — better to address on service. Naturally, units are engaged in that "completion", and here the inattentive relation to the car meets even more often. The most part of drivers approaches to a car purely from the consumer point of view: goes, and it is good. So it becomes unimportant what breakage by opposite surprise. Moreover, such motorists occasionally think of need to inspect density of petrol branch pipes or isolation on wires (as to the autolady, not any even knows that after all this such), and it also can have opposite consequences. Naturally, with rather new import cars such difficulties appear very much and very much occasionally. But here Russian cars or foreign autostuff quite often aspire to let out from themselves all probable waters (if oil stopped to drip — means, it came to an end), and properly, a small leak from a gasoline pump plus a spark from "bull-calf" thrown out in a window — and in motor department "the reddish cockerel” funny crows, will master with which without the fire extinguisher heavy. To the same consequences can lead and malfunction of system of ignition or the generator — statistically, naturally, almost always only the detail and business nevertheless burns down is limited to its substitution, but especially unlucky driver can lose and all car, is excellent if itself manages to jump out… 

Carefully, gases!
Without considering purely technical defects under a cowl and tests with an electricity human carelessness works for a hand to fire also. During the country period in luggage carriers of many cars it is possible to find either empty, or already filled gas cylinder created for "two-ring" on фазенде. But on certain to the reason motorists, transporting that cargo, do not think at all of simple standards of safety. Not including that that it is necessary to check this "passenger" on density — enough only to pour a little waters on the valve (if there is a leak, there will be small bubbles), long solar baths, also the neighbourhood with the exhaust silencer are strictly contraindicated to the filled cylinder. The excessive temperature is capable to compel to detonate a gas cylinder, and then without considering an open flame it is necessary to fight besides with explosion consequences in the form of the beaten-out glasses and the destroyed iron. . Fortunately, because of household gas of the car burn down very much occasionally, but here a car the gazoballonny equipment established in near garage, is more explosive, than methane in the deepest штольне. To check such system on density even with a 50 percent guarantee without the aid of others it is actually unreal. Consequences of that "zhlobstvo" are often very regrettable.

Manual brandmeyster.
It is unsafe and loved "mistake" of many drivers. Absolutely zapamyatyvy about councils to transport fuel in special canisters, petrol fill in and in plastic bottles, and in other improvised container. In most cases it for itself does not pull any severe consequences, but during the summer period completely can become the fire precondition. Petrol pairs will not manage to "get out" of densely corked container, and properly, at achievement of suitable concentration such "bomb" can become the ignition precondition in a luggage carrier. To avoid this threat simply: get in autoshop the special canister and carry in it as much as necessary inviolable припаса. Fortunately, car self-ignition — a thing somewhat the most rare (we in calculation do not take premeditated damage of another’s property: from the got drunk cretins anybody is not insured) but if awful after all happened — under no circumstances do not fill in own motor cut water from a naiblezhayshy pool! Liquid, naturally, very effective means of fight against fire, but, having got on plugs аккума, it can do a disservice. The most usual exit — a car the fire extinguisher. But if this lifesaver under a hand it did not appear, long since tested traditional means — sand or the earth, the condensed fabric, only, naturally, not oiled and not moistened with petrol approach. Not including that, it is possible to ask about the help and passing by: fortunately, many after all carry the fire extinguisher not only only on checkup. It is worth to remember and about experts: the fire brigade, however, can be late in a way, but here with fire will cope in only a few minutes.

By the way!
In most cases motorists carry with themselves three versions of fire extinguishers: foamy, powder and gas. the 1st extinguish a flame, throwing out the foam consisting of vials of gas, concluded in a narrow film of a penoobrazovatel. The bubbling substance blocks access of oxygen to a zone of burning and cools it. Such devices are divided on air and foamy and chemical foamy — looking what contain gas. Powder fire extinguishers extinguish огнь a stream of pyleobrazny salts of sodium and potassium which chemical processes of burning brake. The stream of a powder is created by means of the compressed gas lying in a special compartment of the device. The next vserasprostranenny type of autofire extinguishers — gas. In a cylinder under the highest pressure contains either carbonic acid, or gas under the title хладон. A gas stream, escaping from that device, forces down a flame, at once cooling a zone of burning and isolating it from oxygen. Automobile cars, usually, complete with small fire extinguishers, weight to 5 kg. The Russian devices of fire extinguishing for cars occasionally contain more than 2 — 5 l. or 2 kg of working substance. Most cheaper — powder devices: kilogramme "kid" can be got for 200 rubles. the 4-litre air and foamy fire extinguisher will cost more than 300 rubles, and the litre uglekislotny cylinder will facilitate a pocket of the motorist already on 500.

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