Cool start-up of the motor

Cool start-up of the motor
With coming of frosty weather, many motorists have a discrepancy of start-up of the cool motor. In this article hunting to impart experience start-up of cursors which were normally got still yesterday, and now do not submit hopes. Speech about cars at what will go there are no obvious signs of defects of ignition and system of injection of fuel. If you faced with неуввязками motor start-up in frosty weather, at first it is necessary to find a major factor – structure of a fuel consistence. For this purpose it is enough to remove one of spark plugs from the motor and to carry out its visual survey. At existence on a candle of deposits dark (or very dark) colours, a fuel mix is quite rich, it means that on the car not all in a full order with ignition system. In most cases in such cases it is enough to change candles and start-up of the motor is normalised. If the black deposit on the removed candle is absent, there is a speech about a poor fuel consistence. In this case as responsible for difficulty the temperature-sensitive element of cooling water quite often serves. It should be noted that frequent it is temperature-sensitive elements of earlier overheated cursors. If earlier the cursor was subjected to an overheat, bezotstupno I recommend to check a temperature-sensitive element and to change it if there is in it a need, on the serviceable. In an unpleasant case, you povsevremenno will have difficulties with motor start-up in frosty weather. At the grown poor fuel consistence, certain motorists try to start the motor by means of various additives raising fuel octane number. From time to time it is possible to them. The next method which quite often use in this situation, this injection of radio structures for start-up of carburettor cursors. It is possible to consider this method quite expensive, and the main thing very problematichesky. On a frost to be engaged in depressurization of an inlet path, and then all this to create in turnaround sequence – pleasant not enough. Not including that, this operation does not guarantee you successful start-up, in the absence of appropriate experience. On my look, it is simplest for start-up of the cool motor, it to simulate more than its low temperature by means of the ordinary variable resistor (potentiometer) face value in 5.6 – 8.2 kiloohms. For this purpose (at the switched-off ignition) it is necessary to disconnect the socket of a regular temperature-sensitive element of the Lake. and to connect a potentiometer заместо this sensor. First it is necessary to establish resistance level about 4 kiloohms and to try to start a cursor. If the cursor was not started, resistance is necessary for developping. After motor start-up its turns of H.H. quite often happen are essentially overestimated. In this case, it is necessary to deduce by means of a potentiometer them to the necessary value. Similarly and in process of motor warming up. After warming up it is better to switch off ignition and to connect a regular temperature-sensitive element of the Lake.
Missing pressure of fuel in system can become the next precondition of the grown poor fuel consistence. Here circumstances in the main thing two. It or the "dying" fuel pump, or a regulator of pressure of fuel. If malfunction in the fuel pump start the motor it can to become unreal. From time to time pressure of fuel in system can be lifted to rational if to muffle a drain hose. For this purpose happens quite easily it to press. It is necessary to emphasise what to press a hose it is necessary very carefully since on a hard frost it can simply become torn. After start-up of the motor to continue to press a hose less than 8-10 seconds. In an unpleasant case possibility of that candles of ignition will be splashed with very rich fuel consistence is great. If then the cursor decayed, operation should be repeated without increasing time of a perezhimaniye of a hose fuel plum in a tank. Better in this case let’s to a cursor get warm on a starting mode till that time when it will stop to stop if you renewed fuel plums.
Ordinary depressurization of an inlet path can become the most obvious precondition of troubles of start of the cool motor. In most cases there is a speech about come off (from time to time burst) a tube which connects a regulator of pressure of fuel in system to an inlet collector. Fixedly examine connections of all tubes (hoses etc.) which go from an inlet path to other systems or elements (brake system, an adsorber, ventilation of a case of the motor, etc.) and in the presence of serviceable parts of system of injection, troubles with cool start-up on your car will not be.
In the conclusion I wish to note that certain motorists in dilemmas of cool start blame a lambda probe (the sensor of the content of oxygen for exhaust gases). It is mistake О2 in start-up of the cool motor it is not considered, it enters work only after warming up to working temperature.

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