Got on the car to a force majeure situation…?

Got on the car to a force majeure situation...?
Each driver at least once got to the force majeure situation which has arisen because of malfunction of the car. Now we will tell about more vserasprostranenny emergencies and how really to avoid the related languid consequences. Jammed an accelerator pedal. Have first a look at the road ahead. Put the gear shifting lever in neutral situation. Switch off ignition (so that a wheel did not close), press a brake. And as it is possible roll away the car on a roadside more quickly. After a stop try to find a cause of defect. The pedal could touch a rug, and you simply liberate it. If the reason not in it, check an accelerator drive. Probably it will appear that certain details are clamped or got stuck. The small amount of oil, taken with щупа for check of level of oil in a cursor, will help to clean this malfunction. If you cannot find or clean malfunction (for example, it is caused by breakage or loss of a recoverable spring or breakage of fastening of the motor), do not get the car. Tow off the car on parking. Brakes refused. Few times promptly press a brake pedal. If it does not help, include headlights and the alarm system. Serially run across on low gears. Use the parking brake. At all this hold him in not fixed situation to have possibility to release in case of the drift beginning. If it is not enough distance available for a stop: – give a sound signal;
– try to reduce speed, nestling wheels on a border;
– be afraid of a head-on collision. Move down after the journey on a roadside better. If ahead break, as a last resort it is possible to switch off ignition and to include the first transfer. It, maybe, will damage a box, but will help to prevent car falling. If brakes refused on abrupt descent, extinguish speed, using snow shaft or enclosing from a bush. Loss of the managing director of management. Warn other participants of movement by inclusion of light of headlights, the alarm system, a sound signal. Brake a brake pedal so not to cause drift. After all to clean it to you it will not turn out because of management loss. Refusal of the managing director of management is preceded quite often hard or, on the contrary, by easy rotation of a wheel. Having noticed it, to a descent stop and убрите a cause of defect. The wheel burst. And so, the wheel burst, do not brake. Hold a wheel that the car moved on a straight line more strong. Plavnenko release an accelerator pedal. Run across on a low gear. When speed will decrease, simply press a brake. And under no circumstances do not change a wheel on the carriageway. The cowl opened. Do not brake sharply (can face the car moving behind). Turn on the alarm system. To Vyglyanita through a door window. As a reference point use a road marking. Have a look in a rear-view mirror: what distance to the car moving behind. Transfer a foot from an accelerator pedal on a brake pedal. Plavnenko braking, move down from a carriageway. A fire under a cowl. Urgently move down on a roadside. Switch off ignition. Try to bring down a flame, using the fire extinguisher if it is not present – the earth or a thick matter. Lifting a cowl, be accurate. Take a rag to protect hands from a burn when opening the lock of a cowl. Reject the head aside. Do not try to extinguish a flame, having increased speed. It only will aggravate situation.

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