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Arrival of winter for motorists is not only only snow and a frost. This also primordial turmoil – preparation of the car for an adverse season. As the car on the snow-covered road will surely keep or at ice almost in everything will depend on winter tyres. Naturally, it is possible to spend all winter time and on summer rubber, but at all this risking and the car, and representing danger to other participants of traffic. At the same time various models of winter tyres absolutely differently behave in those or other criteria. To be caused, suspend own choice on a certain set of winter rubber rather hard. Often, to realise that it will be better to you and your car, it is necessary to rely on long experience and to receive already proved production. The it is more that the choice of winter rubber is in dependence from weather the criterion, prevailing in your region. Therefore absolutely precisely to tell that any one winter tyres it is better than others it is impossible. But nevertheless for your car it is possible to make any general councils at a choice of winter footwear.

Shipovanny or not shipovanny (frictional)
Concerning that, shipovanny or not shipovanny rubber to take for the winter, the answer is multiple-valued. From the theoretical point of view thorns should provide more the highest factor of coupling of wheels from darling that in particular essentially in ice. But sometimes not shipovanny winter rubber behaves on the slippery road 10 times more shipovanny models of tyres. In what after all business? The behaviour of the car on the road depends not only only on existence/lack of thorns. Defining factors also are the chemical composition of rubber, a protector sketch. Let’s try understand, what after all it will be better in certain criteria?

Shipovannye winter tyres
In criteria of ice or nakatanny snow by means of thorns increase of factor of coupling of winter tyres with the road is reached. There are two options or you to a descent get shipovanny winter tyres, or make an oshipovka of ordinary winter rubber. It is clear that the more will be thorns on the tyre, the car (the brake way will be reduced, pro-slipping possibility will decrease) will be better to behave. And for bigger efficiency thorns should take place not on one strip, and are randomly scattered on a tyre surface. Only remember that ошиповать it is possible not each rubber – specify this question with the dealer. From the shipovanny tyres brought from another countries on the slippery road perfectly was recommended by the Nokian Hakkapeliitta model. Their feature (since the fourth model) that thorns in section have square section, instead of round as at others. Because of it the best quality of coupling with the road is provided. Latest model of 2006 under an index 5 it is dependent on the necessary standard size will cost to you from 100 to 450 c.u. for one tyre.

Not shipovanny winter tyres
When driving on the deepest snow maneuverability of the car influences not only only existence of thorns and a sketch of a protector of winter rubber. Usually, are more effective there are winter tyres with an abundance rectangular шашечек, located in chessboard order. It is basic as well depth of drawing – practically at all models makes this parametre from 9 to 10 mm. On coupling with the road existence of small strips (lamely) influences protectors of tyres also. At the expense of them and shipovanny, not shipovanny winter tyres hold the road better. On your roads a huge part of winter damp snow lies or even at all is absent, then it is necessary to reflect on purchase of neshipovanny winter tyres. In – 1-x, will be ineffective at dispersal and braking on the asfaltny road. In – 2-x, because of thorns the spot of contact of a wheel from darling is miniaturised that leads to reduction of factor of coupling and, as a result, maneuverability deterioration by the car. In – 3-x, when driving on asphalt shipovanny winter tyres will be an additional source of noise. On what after all to direct attention at a choice of neshipovanny winter tyres. On damp snow the best behaviour of the car is provided by rubber with the directed drawing of a protector which promotes removal of slush from under a wheel. The sketch of such winter tyres is identical with summer rain in what the structure of a protector remembers a fir-tree. In the middle not shipovanny winter tyres Continental ContiVikingContact3 are registered on one of the best. Cost on these tyres lies in borders 75 to 210 c.u. – everything is in dependence from a standard size for your car.

General councils at a choice of winter tyres
Winter tyres on the average serve 2-4 seasons. When they are used up – depth of a protector becomes less than 4 mm – the time of their substitution comes. The structure of a rubber consistence for winter tyres steals up such makary that the wheel, it seems, "sticks" to a slippery covering. Therefore more myagenky winter tyres more are suitable for driving in snow-covered criteria or at ice. On an asfaltny covering during winter time myagenky tyres will be also effective, but wear out more quickly – are necessary more rigid rubber. To the touch it is heavy to find this factor, but concrete the dealer (on the basis of responses of buyers) can recommend something. Winter tyres with dissymetric drawing of a protector appear more effective often. At all this, for example, the external part of the tyre is responsible for movement on an asfaltny covering, internal – on snow-covered. Follows, only truly to establish such tyres according to the marking put on it.

Size of winter tyres
(Vobshchy as well as summer) it is necessary to choose the sizes of winter tyres from number of that are recommended by autoconcern. If to take it is much more on width, a spot of contact of a wheel from darling naturally, will increase. But at all this the mass of the car will be distributed such makary that coupling of the tyre with a surface of the road will decrease. If there was no any more the necessary size, it is better to choose the little the smallest model on width of winter tyres, but at all this huge on profile height.

Operation of winter tyres
Many "put" on own car in winter tyres only after loss of the first snow and ice emergence on roads. It becomes frequent the precondition of growth of number of failures at first winters. It is generally recommended to change rubber on winter already at temperature of 7 degrees. Thus winter tyres as shipovanny so without them demand careful operation on the first several hundred parts of km. A running in without sharp braking, with smooth dispersals and careful entries into turns it is recommended for this purpose that tyres kept the characteristics for a long time. In particular it influences that, thorns in rubber how many will hold on. Many interests, whether it is possible to put winter rubber only on driving wheels, and such makary to save up. Such decision influences behaviour of the car, but not always in the best way. Naturally, at a troganiye from a place perceptible change in a positive side will be felt, but in behaviour of the car on the road there can be some opposite moments. For example, on rear-wheel cars when braking the weight is transferred on face-to-face wheels, finally, there is a utility from winter rubber on back wheels is insignificant. Or at an entrance in turn the car with a back drive with shipovanny rubber only back wheels on the frozen road avtoindent.ru it will be also bad to answer the helm. And that difficulty front-wheel cars are not deprived also. Winter tyres only on face-to-face wheels will allow to get under way more quickly. But when braking, and even at a sbrasyvaniye of speed back wheels will go the yuzy. Therefore if to take, already full set of winter rubber. It is natural if to maintain measured rate of driving, in principle you can and not feel distinctions. But in sudden situations (critical braking, drift) your car will keep more surely on the road at a complete set similar winter rubber. And subjects it will be easier to operate to you it. If you buy shipovanny winter rubber, but because of changeable weather it is necessary to "expel" a car on asphalt, it is necessary more аккуратненько. Sharp start and critical braking are inadmissible, if do not wish to lose for time all thorns. Also not запамятовывайте to paste on own car a symbol "Sh" – other drivers will mean that you will have smaller way of braking, and, respectively, will hold a huge distance.

And in summary, it would be desirable to recommend the companies which winter tyres well recommended themselves. In the middle of Russian companies it is possible to have a look winter tyres Amtel or KYa (Reddish Yar), delivered from other countries is Nokian, Michelin, Continental, Pirelli, BridgeStone. On Russian winter tyres it is completely possible отъездить for steam of the seasons, imported "obuvka" though is more expensive, but completely can be in operation twice longer. Winter tyres of Russian producers can be got for 60-90 c.u. for a wheel. The price of analogues of the imported production begins from 100 and directly to 500 c.u. for the tyre. For the rest, the choice depends only on you, esteemed car owners!

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