Secrets of substitution of brake water

Secrets of substitution of brake water
Procedure of substitution of brake water (TZh) on cars with anti-blocking system (Abs) of various designs differs therefore to entrust work better to masters 100 (better – firm). For substitution of brake water specialists use the equipment which downloads TZh in system under pressure. It lowers risk of "zavozdushivaniye" of brake system and the Abs block. To create substitution without the aid of others it is admissible only in the latter case, in the presence of certain technical abilities, thus only by cars with Abs of 1980-90 of century, observing indications of the summary on servicing of this car. In cars with Abs at what the pump, the hydroaccumulator and the block of hydrovalves are placed in one knot, water substitution in brake highways create as well as on an ordinary car without Abs. For this purpose it is enough for to disconnect earlier system, having taken out a respective safety lock. For Abs block filling by liquid at its substitution a food of Abs restore and include ignition. At all this the hydroaccumulator pump starts to work. As the knot will be filled (a sound of operation of the pump should be replaced from the highest tone on small), ignition is necessary to switch off (the pump without «тормозухи» is capable to work less than 2 minutes).

After TZh substitution (brake water) pumping (air removal) brake highways and actually the Abs block is necessary. Pumping of the first is carried out, as on the ordinary car. Pumping of the contours connected to the pump, has the features. It becomes at the pressed pedal of a brake and the turned-on flowing union of the working cylinder. At ignition inclusion the pump via the union expels "zavozdushenny" liquid from a contour. Then the union twist and release a pedal. If substitution of TZh is executed truly, after sealing of brake highways a bulb «Malfunction of ABS» on the panel of devices will die away. In a car with Abs where the pump with the hydroaccumulator and the hydromodule with system of valves the method of substitution of TZh and system pumping some another are executed in the form of separate knots. In the hydromodule the sequence of opening of its valves matters therefore to execute these operations it is possible only with use of the diagnostic scanner, allowing to remove information with EBU Abs (such equipment to car owners is, usually, remote). It is even more difficult to change TZh by cars with electric systems of safety which make active brakes (for example, ESP and/or SBC) – in this case procedure becomes on the special technology discussed by autoconcern. It embodiments needs a special equipment (including computer) which is only on firm 100. It is necessary to hold in the head that before separation of brake highways of cars with Abs though what design needs to discharge the pressure accumulator, having pressed more than 20 times a brake pedal at the switched-off ignition. Without it water emission (in system pressure about 180 atm remains) is probable. Care is for the same reason necessary at ignition inclusion with the depressurized hydrosystem – in this case will earn the hydroaccumulator pump.

Prepared: Yury Datsyk, Alexander Landar, Vladimir Kornitsky

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