Death in reddish or corrosion and as with it to fight

Death in reddish or corrosion and as with it to fight
On what method the corrosion on the car developed, it is possible to predict, when it becomes neremonto-suitable proceeding from belief of a body. But it is possible as to patch even the oldest car, it is necessary to add concept of neremonto-suitability with concept of economic need. By results of body examinations its corrosion condition can be divided into four categories conditionally:

1. The corrosion developing from the outer side in places of chips of paint or where moldings or a sealant of glass "rub" on paint. It is most easier to fight with that corrosion, and it is completely real it actually to stop timely measures.
2. Corrosion which develops also from the outer side of metal, but under paint. Usually, it occurs in places of weak adhesion of a paint and varnish covering to metal. It is promoted much by car washing in the winter warm water. Because of different factors of temperature expansion heated-up warm water paint, it seems, moves concerning metal and exfoliates, forming a cavity to which air gets. Such shortcomings can be cleaned a zashkurivaniye of the struck site to snow-white metal with the following processing by soil.
3. Metal corrosion from within in places with limited ventilation or in the "pockets" collecting water, or that is even more awful, sand and dirt with salt. Usually, it is pockets of face-to-face wings around headlights, over wheel arches, box-shaped details of a body, the lower part of doors, a salon floor etc. For elimination of defects in these parts, maybe, it is necessary to use a tinning or welding. However, such methods of repair can make conditions for the most "quick" corrosion so external elements of a body are better for "curing" from time to time epoksidny putty.
4. Corrosion of power sections of a body and destruction of glasses of face-to-face shock-absorbers that is characteristic in particular to front-wheel cars. Such shortcomings are one of the most opposite, their elimination asks the highest qualification of the master and huge labour costs.

In summary we will remind that most quickly corrosion develops at winter operation. In – 1-x, when driving without continuous washing off of salt. In – 2-x, at car operation by times placed in warm garage. At arrival from a frost in heat there is a metal moistening on all body, in the most inaccessible and not ventilated cavities. Every night in criteria that of "the humidified bath" corrosion filters into metal in few times more quickly, than usually. On view of professionals, a little 10-ov similar temperature differences are equivalent to year of storage of the car on the street.

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