The refreshed model of Peugeot – instead of whether to get?

The refreshed model of Peugeot – instead of whether to get?
And at present «to Get Peugeot» – brand new dream of fans of cars, as luxury goods. Specifically this car is chosen by them not a case. The brand new Peugeot 607 model came to replacement of out-of-date model 605 which was quite popular in due time. Design of modern analogue quite stylish – all noted sloping strips of a roof, softness of a design of a body, a fascinating form of back dimensions since a car debut in March, 2001. Harmony of an interior and appearance mixes up with a high-quality finishing material. Entice special attention decor elements «under a tree» which in the best luxury traditions are successfully entered in an interior. The control panel is armed comfortable in management of an operating wheel. The tachometre and a speedometer are placed symmetrically, framing a scale бортовика and a fuel tank. As to adjustments of driver’s sitting – them 5. Adjustments progressed with release of new parties of the car from mechanical to regulated by servo-drivers. Regulation of an operating wheel remained mechanical, works in 2 directions.
Full number of driving devices:
— three motors – two petrol and the 4th cylinder (volume 2,2л, capacity – 160л.с.);
— six-cylinder (volume – 3,0л, capacity – 211л.с.);
— HDi turbodiesel (volume 2,2л, capacity – 142 h.p.), working together with a pyatistupny box (mechanical).
As to the V6 motor, it is compatible only to Tiptronic – the unique automatic chetyrekhstupny box. Anti-blocking, protivobuksovochny and electric systems of safety (active, passive) and maintenance of course firmness are included into Peugeot 607 equipment. (Their of everything 6 – lobbies, lateral, window – everyone on two), belts (face-to-face and back), prednatyazhitel and limiters of effort of a tightness have safety cushions. Addition are singular power soaking-up elements, the "parktronik", a blacking-out salonny mirror, and sensors:
— rain sensor;
— automatic sensor of turning on of the alarm system;
— the sensor of control of pressure in tyres.
Novelty of design of a body it was announced together with the refreshed generation of the Peugeot 607 model in 2004 in Paris, on an auto show. Since then the bumper, chrome and airabsorbers decorate the car. The length of the car exchanged – now this size makes 4, the 9th metre that on 30мм more than previous model. The cowl and a front grille, in basic equipment now by 17-dm disks are changed, and 18-dm do function of the optional. New unit попобнил arsenal of cursors. It is a six-cylinder turbodiesel (volume – 2,7л and capacity in 204 h.p.), sovmetsny production with Ford. Petrol units are upgraded also: the V6 motor capacity on three litres makes 211 horsepowers.
More powerful system of tormoznayakursovy firmness of a car will accompany now all following Peugeot 607 models. It was added also purely external configurations – at speed more than 10 km/h all open sockets the machine gun slam. To get Peugeot now means to get the car absolutely refreshed – it underwent wide modernisation. In particular it concerns design furnish – there were metal and tree elements. Characteristics and technical properties of devices became better, the basic and additional equipment replenished with new details:
— satellite system of navigation
— cruise control;
— face-to-face parktronik;
— the latest audiosystem with possibility of a MP3;
— hands-free system;
— Blyutuz.

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