Ford Focus III: reliability, ekonomnost and effektnost of

Ford Focus III: reliability, ekonomnost and effektnost of
One of fundamental criteria at a choice of that or other make of the car is its highest stability to bad roads. The designated aspect in particular is important for the Russian drivers as Russian are expensive is severe tests for cars though what class. Not including that, the Russian drivers seriously treat and design of a car, and to technical lines. As for many the car is, at first, means of self-expression, and later a vehicle.
In the middle of modern cars only few brands can повытрепываться the complete list of all above-stated properties. One of cars, favourite in the middle of the Russian drivers, cars of a model range Ford Focus, the represented company Ford Motors are. For the first time the Focus model appeared on sale in 1999, the car of this brand intended only for the market of North America. Despite of it, Ford Focus became the favourite and Russian drivers therefore now Ford’s Russian fans can choose a car from the class "sedan", the class "hatchback", and fans of an extreme can test Ford Focus class sports – model ST Focus. This model has the increased cursor, with volume of 2 l, a sports suspension bracket that provides to the car dynamism and maneuverability. Not including that, cars Ford Focus entice car owners the highest profitability, reliability and the democratic price. Therefore it is logical that the exit of the third generation of Ford Fokusa was expected with bolshushchy impatience.
The presentation of the car of the third generation Ford Focus came true in March, 2010. And the Russian car owner saw this model only last year. But the brand new model not only only did not disappoint own admirers, but also grasped a title «Car of 2012». Models of the third class differ from last new beautiful design of a body. So, the big air inlet located on a face-to-face bumper, is broken into three sections, back dimensions have an unusual form and come far for wings, and the head optics has the stretched design. Not including that, the 3rd Ford Focus increased at length on 21 mm, but "sat down" on 16 mm and was narrowed on as much. The base wheel became more, but the luggage carrier a little decreased (372 litres – the car and the 277th litre – a hatchback). It is necessary to emphasise that Ford Focus III is now presented only in option with five doors, and hatchbacks with 3 doors remained in last generations.
The interior Ford Focus III became more nice. Now there is a new sshchetok of the panel of devices and the console central. And both units are equipped with LCD displays that does interior design on an order more solid, than at last models. The fork of the prices for models of cars of the third generation Ford Focus fluctuates from 532 thousand roubles to 872 500 thousand roubles.
Now in Moscow Ford Focus is realised by many dealers, including the AVTOGERMES company which is one of favourites on car sale Ford. The company offers the clients different nice pro-positions: discounts for car service (after realisation), sale of unique devices and spare parts at the applicable prices. Also the AVTOGERMES company gives buyers opportunity to take the car on credit. Acquisition of the pleasant car by instalments is a tremendous chance for those who wishes to get a car on applicable criteria without significant monetary costs. If you nevertheless doubt car purchase, the AVTOGERMES company invites you to test drive though what model Ford whom you can carry out in a near motor show of this company.

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