Juke Nismo tuning from the Senner company of

Juke Nismo tuning from the Senner company of
The Senner Tuning company again undertook tuning of the known car of the Juke Nismo brand. From the moment of previous updating, a car received even more than a capacities and a strong suspension bracket, but for the sake of all this it was decided to offer off-road properties.
Designers established new springs and springs which could underestimate a road gleam to record results. If to associate with previous model, this indicator decreased by 35 mm. To impressiveness to external shape appropriate big light-alloy wheels with radius in 20 inches, and massiveness was found at the expense of use sticking out ветровиков.
Volume of the motor did not begin to change. It remained 1,6-litre, but caught the newest technology of an admission and production of fuel with the okhladitelny INJEN technology. Innovations allowed to develop motor capacity to 225 horsepowers, and the rotating moment increased on 25 Nanometers that as a result made the whole 275 Nanometers. As to internal furnish, here essential configurations did not leave. Changed only materials of furnish of seats and an operating wheel.
Generally, the new Bug not far left from the previous tyuningovanny model called by Juke Sports of Box. Finally, cost on Nissan Juke Nismo from Senner Tuning increased 9 тыщ euro and made is sensitive more than 34 тыщ in the same currency.

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