Refreshed Suzuki SX4 – convenient option for the small town of

Refreshed Suzuki SX4 – convenient option for the small town of
In March, 2010 in official motor shows of Suzuki the brand new model combining in elements of a crossover, a hatchback and compact вэна – refreshed Suzuki SX4 was presented. For the first time the crossover of Suzuki SX4 appeared on the Russian car market in 2006, and practically at once caught for itself admirers. A practicality, comfort, unpretentiousness and universality – properties which allowed this crossover to become the favourite of the Russian drivers.
Suzukis SX4 carry to a class of city crossovers which are suitable for movement on the small town. As this car possesses in the small-sized sizes that is very necessary on streets of the large city. Not including that, the model has spacious salon where can freely be located the 4th adult people. The connected full drive which is not substitution at travel on a cross-country terrain became one more innovation of Suzuki SX4.
The external design of the car did not begin to change cardinally. Existence of the latest radiatorny lattices became the only thing a configuration, the face-to-face bumper (typically for models of the Hungarian assembly) changed. The design of rims was updated. Design configurations touched also an interior of salon of the car which in the main thing have multipurpose temper. Here and modified the dashboard with the round indicators showing level of fuel and temperature of the motor, and the multifunctional screen displaying external temperature, a consumption of fuel and almost all another.
The climate control block exchanged also: now it has two regulators, facilitating control of climatic installation. Pleasantly amazed light of brilliant inserts on door handles from GLX, also illumination of the buttons created for regulation of an audiosystem. All this also is the main configurations. As a whole the interior is sustained in classical minimalist style. At furnish cheap materials as before are applied, but quality of assembly also remains top-level: comfortable seats, the rigid pillows, a steady profile of backs – all this guarantees comfortable trips on Suzuki SX4. Not including that, back sitting has a developing back that allows to do a luggage carrier to more capacious if it is necessary.
The Vedovy version of a crossover allows to choose by means of the toggle-switch though what from the 3rd operating modes of a box of i-AWD:
– the 2WD mode transfers draught only to face-to-face wheels;
– the Auto mode without the aid of others determines by the computer, what share of the rotating moment to transfer to the back bridge (can reach 50 percent);
– Lock mode: the rotating moment is transferred in an invariable ratio, the coupling at all this is absolutely blocked. It is recommended at trips on a cross-country terrain.
To save up costs of the driver for spare parts for sx4 Suzuki, developers provided an automatic mode of shutdown of the coupling at achievement of speed of 60 km/h. The car owner at all this now can get the car having both full drive, and the machine gun the 4th step. One more innovation of Suzuki SX4 is the improved cursor in volume on 1,6 litres which at the expense of optimisation of a control system and system of supply of petrol has equal draught and is not inclined to a lack of the rotating moment (the bottom range of turns). Despite of it, the consumption of fuel became more economic (a cycle mixed – 7,5 L./100 km).
Therefore upgraded Suzuki SX4 is the good decision for convenient people who lead rich city life. And availability though for sx4 Suzuki in the Russian market allows what spare part is weakened to make country trips on this car, including on a cross-country terrain.

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