The review of hybrid model 2014 of i8 BMW in a body of Coupe of

The review of hybrid model 2014 of i8 BMW in a body of Coupe of
The refreshed version of the hybrid car of BMW with sports spirit. I8 BMW is the vedovy hybrid car which will be soon newest "counter" of the German automaker with a natural subject – «i», and will be available in salons in 2014. The founder of article already on time noted this model presented on various auto shows and автовыстаках, at first in Frankfurt in 20010, then not so long since on an auto show in New York. The drawings provided by the former designer of the company of DesignworksUSA BMW, a little bring clarity in that as the car in 2 years will look.
Interior of hybrid model from BMW.
Looking narrowly at the BMW hybrid model, we can see that in model there are certain elements of a concept not applicable in life. We speak about such details, as doors wings about glass panels in the lower and highest part. But during carrying out an auto show in New York employees of BMW confirmed data that wings – doors in serial hybrid model as well as in the hybrid concept car, will begin to reveal up. 1 point in team of engineers-designers of BMW. Unlike that we saw 15 weeks back (when the lens of our camera was possible manage" model during winter, snow-covered tests), lateral mirrors were rearranged from doors on wings of a face-to-face part of the car. The forward panel of the car has an aerodynamic look ventilating openings. The back area of the car is underlined a strelovidny back rack which blurs on a back luggage carrier and wings. By the way, to acquire new and бу auto parts of BMW it is possible on, having left the demand and having received 10-ki offers from sellers of spare parts on the German cars.
BMW declared that extralight materials, such as carbon fibre and aluminium, will represent a powerful part of a design of hybrid model of i8 BMW. Also in a design mobile aerodynamic devices though this information who did not prove also any of design pictures of the car available to us does not confirm these data will be probably applied
Car hybrid of the highest productivity. Prius shy smokes aside.
Under an amazing body of the car we have possibility to find more astounding unit. For face-to-face wheels as a drive the electronic cursor whereas the 3-cylinder 1,5-litre motor twists back wheels serves. The combined exit in 354 p/a it is enough to disperse this compartment from zero and to 100 km/h in 4,6 seconds (according to BMW company calculations). Because the car on a malekhanky distance can work only at the electric power – that by our estimates a piece in 20-55 km – i8 BMW can will manage to overcome with a consumption of fuel in 3 litres on 100 km. The price of the car is not clear yet, but we predict that i8 Coupe will begin start not less than with 150 тыщ the American dollars. And still the world fills with hearings about an exit in sale of a hybrid roadster, but BMW argues that it only object of research works for designers.

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