We meet refreshed Actyon Sports of

We meet refreshed Actyon Sports of
Having for the first time looked at Aktion Sport SsangYong (Actyon Sports Ssang Yong), and it would be desirable to have a look in eyes to developers of this model. On comparison to design solutions of modern cars, this looked absolutely modestly. The benefit, producers considered the mistakes, and in March, 2012 the dealer centres SsangYongs had orders for the refreshed model. In a face-to-face part there were sharp sides and differences. The refreshed body differs the falling line in its average part, a relief cowl, angular head optics, existence of a radiatorny lattice in the form of big honeycombs and a bulky central air collector. The car has length of 499 cm, width – 191 cm, height with рейлингами – 179 cm, and wheel base – 306 see. To replacement to round deflectors of heating system came rectangular and trapezoid. On the central tunnel arranged the check point selector and a lokotnik.
A little improved the dashboard, having changed a combination. Fringings of a speedometer and a tachometre became silvery, amuses an eye reddish illumination of the monitor бортовика. It is possible to regulate height and a lumbar emphasis of a driver’s chair. Back passengers can incline the chairs on 29 degrees. Sizes of a cargo platform: 127,5 x 160 cm, and 52,5 cm in height.
Aktion Sport got new the 4th cylinder two-litre motor equipped with system of a turbo-supercharging and working at diesel fuel. Capacity developped on 8 hp, and now it, unlike unique model, makes 149 hp. Characteristics of the rotating moment also increased – 360 nanometers. The greatest indicator of speed, it is dependent on check point type, makes 163,3 and 163,8 km/h. Together with "machine gun" for 100 km the pickup spends 7,9 l. fuel water, the 6-step mechanics lowers this figure to 7,4 l.
Standard assembly already assumes existence of a full connected drive of the Part-Time technology. The central console possesses the toggle-switch connecting a forward axis in case of need. It favorably affects passableness. The suspension bracket ahead remained independent, spring, lever; behind – dependent, spring, lever. Therefore there is a possibility of huge inclinations. The two-litre diesel cursor is included in the most cheap complete set of Original (a wheel formula 4х4) and a manual transmission. Not including it the car avtoindent.ru is equipped with iron 16-inch disks, the power steering, the alarm system, an onboard computer, kondyuky, a safety cushion from the driver, the central lock, an audipodgotovka, consisting their 4th loudspeakers, and electrowindow regulators of all doors. The price of that complete set – 789000 rubles.
Equipment of Comfort differs from previous existence of system of Abs, disk back brakes, safety cushions for the passenger of a face-to-face seat, heating of face-to-face seats, cast 16-inch disks, leather furnish of the check point selector. Small cost of Comfort will make 849000 rubles, and with "machine gun" – for 50000 is more expensive.
The car in Elegance complete set, except everything listed above, possesses climate control, ESP system, cruise control, the electric drive of external mirrors, the Bluetooth-module and an audiosystem with a CD player and USB/AUX ports. The price – from 919000 rubles, or from 969000 with "machine gun".
The greatest complete set with a leather upholstery of chairs has the title of Luxury and there are 1079000 rubles. Differs from more cheap options light monitoring system, the electrodriving hatch, 6-step "machine gun", the rain sensor, light-alloy 18-inch wheels.

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