Review of the Skoda Fabia car of

Review of the Skoda Fabia car of
The small-sized fabia model presented to the world in 1999. the 1st time the car was carried out only in a body a hatchback, but in 2000 the versatile person of Combi was let out, and since 2001 began to create and 4-x-dverny the car. More than 600 тыщ Skoda Fabia cars approximately in a year after one more debut ran up worldwide. Outside this model looks enough fashionably. Belonging of the car to the Skoda brand simply is determined by the rectangular brilliant radiatorny lattice corresponding for all models, with big by a symbol. Fat in the Fabia model very spacious that was reached thanks to increase of wheel base. Ergonomics is executed top-level.
For storage of different accessories in Fabia 2 boxing on the central console one of which will occupy the radio tape recorder are provided. For its connection everything is already ready in the car, even the standard complete set has four columns and the aerial. Skoda Fabia at first was represented in the 3rd options of a complete set: Elegance, Classic and Comfort, and is sensitive later two more were born also: Basic and Junior. The cars executed in 2 last options at cost a little are cheaper than others because in them there is no power steering, shelves over a luggage carrier and even there is no cover of a perchatochny box. Though Classic complete set too is not especially rich, but there is a ventilation and heating system with the filter, and the sound indicator which reports on need of inclusion of head light. The Comfort version is completed with protivotumanka, lateral moldings and the mirrors painted in tone of a body. Also there is a computer onboard, with the alarm system the central lock, the driver’s seat can be adjusted on height.
The road is the Elegance version which is armed with light elegant salon with various brilliant slips, there is a climate control, a full electropackage and sitting with electroheating. As in salon there are two conditioned compartments where it is possible to store soft drinks. If to have a look at the car from a practical side, more profitable option is the versatile person. 262 mm added by the length in comparison to a hatchback, went on luggage carrier increase. Its volume makes about 426 l. in the five-seater Skoda Fabia version. If still to spread out sitting, the luggage carrier can contain to 1255 l. cargo. The car luggage carrier very successful, in is mute even there are the loops created for fastening of cargo. The provided choice of power units is presented to buyers of this car. Four motors with volumes 1,4 litres, from which two with capacities in 68 and 60 h.p. are a little modernised 8-клапанными units. Other two motors with capacities in 101 and 75 h.p. have 16-ti-klapannuyu system.
There are more moderate options of units in volume 1,00 litres, capacity to 50 horsepowers and 1,20 litres, capacity of 64 or 54 h.p. further. Closes a ruler a cursor in volume 2,00 litres and capacity in 116 h.p. Producers and about safety of the car did not forget. Models of 2000 in a complete set a standard have an inflatable pillow for the driver, belts with limiters of effort of a tightness, also prednatyazhitel. In 2004 in Paris on an auto show the refreshed Fabia version was presented. However, configurations absolutely insignificant, also touched at first appearance of the car. New rims and the new bumper having rather narrow rectangular lattice were put. The chetyrekhspitsevy operating wheel, also new options of a covering and a colouring of seats, and the salon appeared Snutri. The central console and the panel actually did not exchange.

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