Will cost how many four novelties from «Mercedes Benz Rus»

Will cost how many four novelties from «Mercedes Benz Rus»

The Mercedes-Benz company will present on Russian car market next year four new models of a car. A crossover of GLA which was presented on the Frankfurt motor show in the autumn 2013, Russian car owners will manage to get in motor shows in the 3rd updatings. The most available version will cost one million 380 тыщ rubles. It is a new crossover with a 1,6-litre internal combustion engine in capacity of 156 h.p. The Mercedes GLA model with a 136-strong turbodiesel in volume 2,2 litres will cost dearer on 50 тыщ rubles. And GLA crossover equipped an internal combustion engine in volume of 2,0 l and 211 h.p. having capacity and equipped with a full drive will cost 1 million 540 тыщ rubles.

It is dependent on a complete set, at will of the buyer, the crossover can be equipped with the monitoring system of degree of slackness, system of the prevention of collisions, also adaptive system of critical braking and cruise control. The monitoring system of "dead" zones and system of the prevention of congress can come into a complete set from a lane also. The prices for model of the last generation of Mercedes-benz of the C-class, offered in a complete set «A special series» are also sounded. The company means to put a novelty in motor shows of dealers in the spring of 2014. The basic option of the S-class C 180 is equipped with a 1,6-litre cursor, capacity of 156 h.p. and 250 Nanometers of the rotating moment. An indicator of a consumption of fuel – 5 l on 100 km. The price of a car will start from 1 520 тыщ rubles. Updating About 180 Sports with a 2-litre cursor, capacity of 184 h.p. equipped with the line of performance of AMG Line will cost from 1 million 650 тыщ rubles.

The premiere of this car of the C-class will take place on a motor show in Detroit at first 2014. One more novelty which becomes available to buyers of the Russian Federation – S 65 AMG. This model was presented on motor shows in Los Angeles and Tokyo. The car price in Russian market will make from 11,9 million rubles. Superdear S 65 AMG is equipped with a 12-cylinder six-litre cursor from AMG, capacity of 630 h.p. and 1000 Nanometers of the rotating moment. An expense of the combustible car of 11,9 litres on 100 km. It not only only the most powerful and most economical cursor from Mercedes-benz in this price sector.

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