New Kia Rio – pleasure became even more available than

New Kia Rio – pleasure became even more available than
Soon more people wish to get Kia Rio. And, most likely, this number becomes still soon vnshitelny, after all in the market there was absolutely brand new model with which specialists already managed to arrange real test drive. To a descent we will make a reservation that new Kia Rio carry to the V-class. At all this before the producer there was rather difficult problem, after all according to the sociological poll which has been carried out by the NCBS company still in 2010, Russian car owners pay the attention to nice cost, instead of to design of the car. Though lines of an acquired car treat rather scrupulously.
Let’s begin, perhaps, with design of new Kia Rio which essentially differs from bored cars such both Logan Renault, and Hende of Accent. At the first look on the car to the buyer there are on a look the magnificent protivotumanka, strictly outlined windings of povorotnik, a unique radiatorny lattice etc. In general the car is beaten out from a usual model range of Kia Rio so his owner with pride will consider own «an iron horse» in show-windows of shops. As to colour, the producer offers a choice from 9 options: snow-white and dark, silvery and beige, reddish and greenish, pigeons and blue, also grayish. The client also will manage to solve without the aid of others, there will be at his car 15-inch or 16-inch disks.
Describing salon, hunting to tell separate thanks to designers which did not leave this nuance without own close attention. Snutri waits for the car of the happy buyer accurate furnish in measured (dark or grayish) tones, very comfortable and easy devices for the perception, located on the face-to-face panel etc. A little brightness and colours is added by reddish illumination. If to say about technical properties, already electronic mirrors are included in a basic complete set with heating and кондюк. The producer equipped average versions with AUX and USB ports, added heating of a zone of yard keepers and seats. Well and in a luxury complete set you are waited by the functional panel under Supervision title, furnish of seats and doors the special material, capable to resist to moisture and грязищи, leather furnish of such parts, as an operating wheel, a sun-protection peak, the box lever. Moreover, in salon will pleasantly amaze inserts from chrome or glossy plastic, and the parktronik, Blyutuz and motor start-up by means of pressing of one button and absolutely will shake imagination. Naturally, for many it does not become a novelty, but 2-3 more years to that back similar functions in cars of the V-class were not provided.
Probably, many are disturbed by a question of cursors. As it became clear, to get Kia Rio it is possible as with the motor on 1,4 litres which capacity makes 107 horsepowers, and motor volume equipped on 1,6 litres, capable to "squeeze out" 123 h.p. At all this it should be noted, what even at great speed sound insulation of the latest model pleasantly strikes, though in back wheel arches «to hear a wind» it is still possible. To chagrin, it is necessary to remember and minuses. At first, it is tendency of the car to drifts on turns. But the producer tried to foresee similar difficulties and equipped Kia Rio with stabilisation system. And here behind the car has a torsionny support which on the broken roads, different roughnesses and in other difficult places delivers many efforts. And from it while to get rid the manufacturing companies it is not possible.
Well and in the termination hunting to note a little not such basic, but enough pleasant moments. In – 1-x, it is an audiosystem which at increase in speed does music louder. And in – 2-x, an operating wheel which does driving very comfortable both on the road, and at a parking.

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