Brand new model – Audi of А8

Brand new model - Audi of А8
Audi model in brand new transformation all same smart and not so visible. 16 years ago designers of Audi found a faultless form of the car and since those times they are engaged only in a facet of the car agrees a spirit of the age. The basic for Audi is recognition of a brand. The descent cannot and guess, what is model, but to find that this car – Audi, it is possible from the first look.
The Audi model а8 looks very laconically and strictly, Mercedes and BMW near it seem for very elaborate with the heated-up lines. When all only start to use light-emitting diodes in back lamps, and Audi already made headlights light-emitting diode in head light. Simply the spirit grasps from number of highly technological decisions. 56 light-emitting diodes differing on type, the cooling radiator, the operating processor, the fan, a cooling radiator – all this do each personal headlight comparable at cost with cheap a minicar.
As to a car design, in audi а8 did without special sensations. The brand new model represents a peculiar modernisation of the previous. The car exchanged on width and length, surpassing a S-class and BMW the seven, a little losing to wheel base on size. A body now combined, instead of dural, as earlier. The most part of details average racks are made of strong steel, for example. Steel and aluminium at all this are connected by screws. The eighth Audi special variety of motors does not indulge – one diesel, one petrol, having a similar configuration and volume – an internal combustion engine in volume 4,2 litres of the V8 type and diesel in volume 3,0 litres of the V6 type. On capacity of a car are actually equal, but at a diesel engine the rotating moment is more practically twice. The configuration of suspension brackets is also reconsidered. Basic 8-ки have a pneumosuspension bracket, but value in setup of the chassis it was shifted from sports to comfort that affected loss of former sports clearness of reaction.
The interior of all Audi cars is considered reference, and audi а8 here occupies a top of a model range. Chairs with massage and ventilation, the check point unique selector, the wood inserts having unusual processing which allows to feel their structure наощупь, an audiosystem with capacity 1200 Watt and 19 loudspeakers – Bang&Olufsen, the active cruise control, also equipped device of night vision. However, almost everything from this already here and there met, but there is also something in fact original that can amuse users of ipone-ov and ipod-ov – near the controller MMI the touch panel created for drawing of letters on it by fingers settled down. The newcomer of Audi is the elite car and will absolutely look in garage of any big company. And as becomes beautiful addition for those people who got used only to the best, but to entice to for itself superfluous attention does not long. This model is intended for quick, comfortable and harmless moving, instead of for this purpose to amuse people around. If hunting to add originality, it is possible to address to services of tuners.

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