The last novelties from the car world on the website Mashina-New of

The last novelties from the car world on the website Mashina-New of
Many car owners always in a course of the last cars of news and novelties. They get the specialist magazines, visit different car websites of novelties, for example, such as, cars the website, study information and remain in a course only. Looking through novelties, sometimes to have to dream only, representing itself by the magnificent car. After all there are cars which are available to middle class of the population, and is, which exclusive which are issued in an individual copy or in limited quantity. It is possible to dream of such cars only. One of such novelties of a car, the car which has been let out by Italians is — it is Lamborghini Veneno.

The roadster of Lamborghini Veneno strikes with own beauty, the design both own force and ferocity. This car even was called in honour of a bull who in own rage ruined the matador of Xoce Sanchez Rodriguez.

When this car represented at an exhibition, it drew to for itself(himself) the design, extravagance, forms all hall, all looks were focused on it. This car was let out in triplicate which and got at once. But, allow for itself that car the elite, because the price of this car of three and a half million euros could only!

But, this handsome man of that costs. The body of the super car is made from plastic coal — a material which differs own durability, rigidity and at all this small weight. This material is stronger some steel, but it is much easier. Specifically thanks to it it was possible to developers of this car to lower weight on 125 kgs. In salon this material also prevails.

Cursor in this car on 6 and a half l. which capacity makes 750 horsepowers. Such capacity and volume allows to reach speeds of a roadster to 100km/hour only for 2,9секунды. The greatest speed makes the 355th kilometre per hour — not the car, and dream for fans of huge speeds.

If you wish to know about all a car novelties, news, wish to see video reviews, all of you can find it on the website "Mashina-New".

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