Nissan employs Magna Steyr to build the new car of Infiniti of initial level of

Nissan employs Magna Steyr to build the new car of Infiniti of initial level of
On Thursday Nissan said that the Austrian signs the contract, Megn Steir’s manufacturer will build the new midget car of a premium class for Infiniti brand, beginning in 2014. The chief of Infiniti Andy Palmer said in the statement that the car will help a brand to achieve new consumers and grows in the main markets, such as Western Europe. Nissan any more did not give a detail about the car or said, whether it will be sold in the markets out of Europe, such as the United States. But sources said the Car to News Europe in December that Nissan wishes to roll out the car of initial level in the world to promote to win a 10 percent action of the global smart market.
Heads of Infiniti said earlier that the model of initial level competes to midget cars of a premium class, such as A-class A3 and Mercedes-benz Audi. The car as wait, will be based on MFA Mersedes a small-sized platform which supports new cars A-and a B-class. Renaults Nissans and the parent of Mersedes declared Daimler strategic cooperation between these 2 companies in 2010. The Daimler will deliver innumerable beforehand mounted "full parts" Infiniti, a source: futurесаrs.соm.uа. About 50 000 – 60 000 units year of Infiniti could be constructed in Graz, Austria, sources, said at that time. cars will be globally exported and will offer four Mersedes – and diesel cursors with six cylinders and petrol cursors. When using the Mersedes component of Infiniti avoids potentially big costs of development. In an exchange of Mersedes receives royalties for each made hardware and benefit from economy at the expense of increase in production.
Infiniti started to sell a car in Europe in 2008, but made slow progresses against the established German bonus rivals and Toyota Lexus. Last year Infiniti sold 3 681 cars in Europe, increase of 54 percent on 2010, according to Dynamics of TAKE-OFF by means of the STARTING ROCKET ACCELERATOR. Magna Steyr, the European unit of Magna International of Canada, designed Infiniti car. It as wait, will be built at action of collection of the contract of Megna in Graz, Austria which builds the Peugeot RCZ compartment car, the Mini-off-road vehicle of the Compatriot and Aston Martin Rapide. Nissan and Magna finish details of production and delivery contracts, these two companies said in the joint statement. The conceptual car of Etherea Infiniti offered a raneshny look on design of model when it debuted the Geneva auto show in 2011.
Infiniti considers that the serial car will find the susceptible market in the middle of young buyers in Europe. Heads of the company say that the model will connect воединыжды conducted work and emphasis on style to compete to the German luxury brands. In coordination with the provisional plan of growth, Nissan intends for sales of 500 000 Infinitis in the world to 2016. Nissan sold, about 146 000 is global, mainly in the United States, in monetary year ended March 2011.

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