Test drive of a hybrid autonovelty 2014 XL1 Volkswagen of

Test drive of a hybrid autonovelty 2014 XL1 Volkswagen of
At Toyota Prius appeared the new rival? The Universe can catch the new champion on an expense is combustible – lubricants. During carrying out round of summer tests, in a lens of cameras the silhouette of body autodetails of the new car of Foltsvagen of XL1 was caught. We long since already wait this model of the car for on according to promises VW given by a car will manage to show a super small consumption of fuel – 100 km on one litre. In comparison with such indicator, the favourite in the middle of hybrids of our time the car Toyota Prius can seem gluttonous "Robin Bobin". The car will enter the market only in 2013, Foltsvagen’s subjects will execute the assurances given 10 years ago, about that that will design and will let out super – economic model capable to outdo all available updatings.

Work on hybrid creation long in life.
On a calendar there was 2003 when VW showed to the world own the 1st 1,0-litre hybrid a car. The car was to impropriety very narrow, and the face-to-face folding seat similar to a bubble, opened a way to the small sizes to a back seat. In those days Volkswagen boasted of that this conceptual model is capable to pass 100 km only on 1 litre of petrol. As a whole, the car possessed everything that is obliged to have the car for real circus show: shouting interior design and appearance, also absolute impracticality for everyday use. On time coming the company completed VW autodetails – a concept, but, without looking at it, the result of all works (named L1) remained all with the same awkward and impractical back and face-to-face cars chairs. Looking at the latest XL1 model you understand that VW decided to approach to design of the car more quiveringly. The model which will be called as XL1 when its realisation will begin, is armed by 2 wing-like, and that касаемо chairs, now they will take place in parallel and will be calculated on 2 passengers. That fact is obvious that configurations in structure of design were actually necessary for this purpose that car creation was started.

Distinctive features.
As it was already shined earlier – the VW car with pleasure will say about it once again – the car XL1 Volkswagen consumes only one litre of petrol on 100 km of the road. Small weight in a compartment with obmyslenny aerodynamics will be very important for this car. Judge – the factor of front resistance in this model is equated all 0,186Cd. That you would think, about what we speak, we will give for comparison the car popular in America – Volt Chevrolet hybrid, one of the most aerodynamic models available on sale which possesses factor in 0,28Cd. As you realise, the VW companies managed to be reached essential results in wind force taming! Now the car is armed with shod disks. We teply hope that at serial release of the car, it will be equipped with wide light-alloy wheels to receive all pluses from good aerodynamics. The small weight of model in 793 kg, probably, left at the expense of introduction in a design of ultra easy materials of a body, most likely, a large quantity of carbon fibre and aluminium. Only 23,2 % of the XL1 model will be made of iron and steel. The VW company was lighted" with own latest hybrid XL1 Volkswagen model 2014. Though it is not presented to the world yet, journalists of our edition managed to visit its test drive. So, we will discuss newly appeared model…
As well as the concept car of a previous series – L1, the XL1 model will be supplied 2 – a cylinder turbodiesel. This 0,8-litre motor provides 47 p/a and 89 Nanometers of the rotating moment. The car the brand new hybrid VW model will have a 7-step box of DSG from Foltsvagen and a back drive. Plus to everything the car will receive additional 27 p/a from the electromotor which can work avtoindent.ru as with the diesel motor, and and separately, but only for rather short distances of a way. By this day there are no data into the electric motor account XL1 Volkswagen and whether its functional will be limited in only the low speeds. By the way, about a set of speed. The XL1 model assures us of own profitability, but most likely speed to it not to see. All that it will be possible to squeeze out from this "a greenish car" these are 120 km/h. But, not it is the main failure of the car. Speed of dispersal from 0 to 80 km/h the XL1 car achieves in 32 seconds! The most part the house-keeper of cars gathers dispersal till this speed in 4 times more quickly!

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