The Citroen Berlingo car – the last generation of

The Citroen Berlingo car - the last generation of
In the small town of Vigo that is in the north of Spain, the concern presented two models of PSA Peugeot Citroen cars completely the last generation. These are passenger-and-freight vans and easy commercial Citroens Berlingo, also Partner Peugeot. All admirers of the Peugeot brand, by all means, the Citroen Berlingo car which is intended for passive rest by all family – Leisure activity vehicle will entice. Than after all this model person? As you understand, the class SUV car, is deciphered as (activity vehicle Sports) are created for extreme departures on the nature, with them you can simply transport a snowboard, mountain are great, surfboards and other stock for sports. The Citroen Berlingo model is suitable for a measured type of holiday, that, as departure on the nature, picnics, fishing on the bank of the lake more. Not including that, now the Citroen berlingo car has even the website, having come on which, you can find out about advantages of this model over the old. And if all of you are the adherent of active lifestyle, and are engaged in cargo transportation on the small town, you surely will accept the new improved option of a van of Berlingo LCV for a cargo transportation. It has a capacious cargo compartment with loading capacity to 850 kg. The row of seats for the driver, also 2 passengers (the forwarding agent, the loader) is ahead placed.
In the brand new Citroen Berlingo car the comfortable car and a convenient minivan harmoniously mixes up. Not including that, the Verlingo and Partner models are equipped with the most advanced options which meet only in new versions of middle class of sedans. The wide range of characteristics turns on light and rain sensor, also climate control. In cars forward safety cushions, Abs, lateral shtorka, cruise control, ESP system, for a steady condition of the car and the limiter of speed are provided. Also, according to QX9, it is meant that vans will be equipped with special sensors, which держут under control pressure level in tyres. Not including it, novelties will be equipped diesel and an internal combustion engine. Level of CO_2 of emissions from passenger models with volume of the motor 1,6 litres makes g/km ~ 147, commercial – 153 g/km. But, despite of these pleasant announcements, also it is worth to remember about more raneshny versions of cars which are now renamed into Berlingo First car, also Origin Partner.

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