Pickups from Volkswagen in 2013: announcements and abilities of crediting of

Pickups from Volkswagen in 2013: announcements and abilities of crediting of
Pickup from the Volkswagen concern – Amarok – punched a gap in a wall closing an exit of that autoconcern on the market of such cars. To an exit of this model the German automaker the voobshchy did not create anything similar so it is necessary to give appropriate to producers: having begun from scratch, make that sharp high-quality jump only the most purposeful people could. Thanks to concern start in the market of pickups now there is a possibility to get Volkswagen on credit and for agricultural or country requirements. After all such car not only only fantastically passes roads though what difficulty and is weakened transports cargoes in weight least one ton.

First attempt at writing appeared unconditionally successful, and creation Amarokov naturally "moved" from South America to the historical homeland – to Germany. Now the model range of this car expects essential increase of capacity of the motor (the diesel cursor of a pickup has laid up capacities in 122 and 163 horsepowers it is dependent on type, mechanical transmission of transfers), increase in a limit of weight of the trailer, expansion of complete sets, a Blue_Motion package. The last advantage guarantees inclusion system of a rekuperatsiya of energy in brake process, start-stop, an improved version of tyres.

The main characteristics novelties in Amarokakh 2013:
– Growth of capacity of a diesel engine with 122 to 140 horsepowers (TDI motor type), with 163 to 180 for BiTDI;
– A consumption of fuel and emission of carbon dioxide – without configurations;
– A limit of weight of the trailer – from 3rd to 3,2 tons;
– A limit of keeping of weight on a back door of a luggage carrier – 200 kg;
– The sensor of a rain, «Follow me hоme», brand new system for the povorotnik, a mirror autoblacking out for the back review.

Specialists call the most popular and measured option on which it is possible to get Volkswagen on credit, a credit aaplet «Volkswagen a finance».

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