Nissan Tiida – a brand new line of a car of

Nissan Tiida - a brand new line of a car of
Nissan Tiida is the latest model in a line of Nissan. This car is created for those who prefers quality, reliability and functionality. In the car reasonable conservatism of already tested decisions and new ideas of developers are perfectly combined. The novelty is for today the biggest in own class and can precisely amuse own owners spacious salon, the huge luggage carrier, a rich complete set, the supertechnological motor and, the most basic, the price.
If in your head there was an idea «will buy Nissan Tiida», you can choose model in one of 2 options of a body – 5-ti-dverny a hatchback or the car. Model very spacious that allows to feel behind as the passenger very much with comfort.
Nissan Tiida is equipped with the big area of a glazing and the highest roof that provides the wide review to the driver and passengers, and adds comfort. Ergonomics of the car обмыслена to trifles, without leaving fluctuations apropos «for what this button» is necessary. Materials of furnish are executed at the highest level of property that delivers to all passengers and the driver a convenience maximum. In a standard there is Blyutuz hands free, heating of face-to-face seats and mirrors, electrowindow regulators, an audiosystem and another. In a hatchback a zadniya of a seat it is possible to move, both back, and forward in borders of 24 cm, increasing luggage carrier volume to 463 l., in the car the volume of a luggage carrier makes – 467 l.
Nissans Tiida on the Russian Federation market deliver 2 petrol cursors. The volume of the motor makes 1,6 l. and capacity of 110 h.p. with the machine gun in 4 steps or a box the equipped mechanics with the 5-ti-step mechanism. With a cursor, which volume of 1,8 l. and capacity of 126 h.p. – mechanics 6-step. For those who thought: «I will buy Nissan Tiida», and later if that I will change», hardly it will want to say goodbye to this car promptly. The brand new model is armed with very comfortable suspension bracket which provides smooth driving, absorbing road roughnesses, has beautiful maneuverability and course stability. The standard complete set includes: Абс, Brake Assist and EBD, two lateral and two forward safety cushions.
If you beheld the announcement «Nissan Tiida purchase», these are those people who estimated all pluses of this car. The leading technologies used in Nissan Tiida, allow to connect all functions which are necessary for safety and comfort of passengers and the driver in one car. It, for example, light and rain sensor, Blyutuz, CD changer and cruise control, the electric chip key, allowing to open doors of the car and to get it without a key insert in the lock. The car is capable to find chip approach at distance of 80 cm after that by the machine gun of a door will be unblocked and to open them it is possible, having pressed the button of the handle of a door. Having sat down at a wheel in the car, and the driver is not present need to get the chip because the system without the aid of others finds its existence in salon, and the car can be got, having simply turned the special toggle-switch of the lock of ignition of a car. It should be noted as good sound insulation of the car which does not pass any noise in salon.

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