New Tiggo Cherry will arrive in Rossis motor shows in the summer of 2014

New Tiggo Cherry will arrive in Rossis motor shows in the summer of 2014
The novelty has the bigger size, on comparison to the predecessor. On sale there is also usual for the buyer a version of Tiggo Cherry, models will be on sale in parallel. And it is good, because the novelty costs much.

In design of new Tiggo Cherry were engaged in Europe therefore it is not so similar to a car of this model.

Tiggo 5 cherry has in wheel base of 100 mm (to 2 610 mm), and the length of the car increased to 4 505 mm. The car is equipped with a two-litre cursor in capacity of 139 h.p. In plans of the company to equip the car recently with a 155-strong turbovanny cursor in volume 1.6 litres.

At present in the Russian Federation market are presented mono – and vedovy versions of a crossover of Tiggo Cherry. The brand new model will be delivered only in a configuration with a face-to-face drive. But the company the producer guarantees emergence of a full drive on Tiggo Cherry in 2014.

The novelty presented to buyers of the Russian Federation, is armed with light-emitting diode lamps, has a full complex of systems of safety, is ergonomic and has fine European design.

In the homeland new Tiggo 5 Cherry costs in an equivalent on rubles about 490 000 rubles, the price of the best complete set can surpass 825 000 rubles.

How many the crossover of Tiggo 5 will cost in salons of the Russian Federation while it is unclear. On guesses of analysts, the price of new Tiggo 5 Cherry will make about 700 000 rubles.

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