New car Toyeta RAV4 of

New car Toyeta RAV4 of
Toyeta RAV4 very expected all-new Toyeta RAV4 EV on Elektromobil’s 26th kazhdogodny Symposium in Los Angeles. This absolutely electrified jeep has expected assessment of a training platform about 100 miles and a charging of time about 6 hours on 240V/40A the charger. Leading work of RAV4 EV, the loudspeaker and tonnage are equal or surpass RAV4 of V6 gas put in action. Arriving absolutely equipped MSRP of $49,800 RAV4 EV do not make a compromise on work, comfort or a versatility.
RAV4 EV – a product of unique cooperation with the Cursors Tesla encouraged with Akio Toyoda, the president and the director general Toyeta Motor Corporation. 20 two months later after the design announcement, Toyota and engineers Tesla succeeded in putting an outstanding product on the market during record time.
RAV4 EV are united Tesla by the developed and made battery and an electronic box with the most popular model of a jeep of Toyota. Joint teams aim at cleaning of property of servicing. From the advanced charging options to internal comfort to interactive displays of the hardware it was created for consumer ease of use and the greatest range of the hardware.
The face-to-face drive Toyeta allows drivers of the car of the future to choose RAV4 EV from 2 clearly different methods of the motor, Sports and Usual. In the Sports method of the hardware achieves 0-60 miles at one o’clock everything in 7.0 seconds and has the highest speed of 100 miles in hour. The usual method achieves 0-60 miles at one o’clock in 8.6 seconds with the greatest speed of 85 miles in one hour. The greatest production from an electronic box – 154 HP (115kW) 2,800 rpm.
RAV4 EV offer only a smooth, silent trip and comfortable processing partly thanks to its low factor of burden and the low centre of masses. Practically, at 0.30 CDs, RAV4 EV achieve the lowest factor of burden though what jeep in the world. On comparison to gas put in action RAV4 Toyota repeatedly developed a face-to-face bumper, top and more small grill, party mirrors, a back spoiler, and at design of a body to maximise an air stream round the hardware. The storage RAV4 EV battery is established низковато and to the hardware centre, promoting trip more similar to the car.
On an exterior of RAV4 EV show cool CONDUCTED low headlights of a projector of a beam with far light of a projector of halogen. The manual system of alignment allows clients to readdress headlights when the hardware changes essentially in giving because of languid cargo. 5 vertical LEDs make headlights with DRL system which grow dull to marker lights. Back fires of composition – LEDs emphasised with a unique easy smoke a naruzhny lens. Other external configurations from petrol moved at great speed, Toyeta RAV4 include new external emblems at the front, to a back part and group of the street door using the signature Toyota "ecological turn blue.”
The hardware will be well later this year in the 3rd external flowers: Snow storm Snow-white Pearls, Coastline Goluby Zhemchug and Traditional Iron Silver. The interior specifies a unique "Neutron" fabric which weaved with narrow shine and blue colour, on inserts of a place and a door platband.
Snutri, adjustable sitting of the driver with six ways includes variable heaters of face-to-face sitting which expands illumination of a heater on the highest part of a back of the inhabitant. Split folding back places with folding rest of office of the centre turns off the flat for the increased package with the full tonnage equivalent to ordinary RAV4 of 73 cu. ft. No internal place is lost in the hardware because of the EV component.
Main issue of an interior – the eight-inch capacitor touch screen with modern graphic display, showing navigation, telematics, and information on EV the Drive and the characteristics of an option developed specially for RAV4 EV. Entune™ standard (with the 3rd summer additional access to the services Entune™) together with SiriusXM Satellite Radio (with a 3-month’s trial subscription to XM the Chosen package), / FM radio, Bluetooth®, flowing audio and USB port with iPod® connection possibility. Display of line paints illuminates in reddish when the hardware works in a sports method and blue in a usual leading method.
The approved supplier of the equipment of the supplier of electromobiles of Toyota – Leviton. Leviton offers numerous abilities for a charging of decisions. During the most rather short time of a charging about 6 hours of Leviton offers customs 240 In (Level 2), 40 And, charging station of production on 9.6 kW. For receiving additional инфы Leviton.Com/Toyeta visit. To the hardware it is applied 120 In (Level 1) extreme collection of a cable for cases when recommended 240 In (Level 2) a charging are not available.
RAV4 EV will enter the market at the end of summer 2012 through the elected dealers, at first in 4 main Californian capital markets including Sacramento, San Francisco gulf area, the Los Angeles / district of Orange and San Diego. The sales volume is planned about 2,600 units for the next three years. The guarantee of the battery makes 8 years or 100,000 miles.
"We believe that RAV4 EV will involve the raneshny technological reception parents who have tasted taste, almost in everything as the Preliminary condition of the first generation,” Carter said. "It is created for consumers who have on values environment and appreciate work. We wait for a meeting as the market answers.”

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