Car VAZ-2123 of

Car VAZ-2123 of
VAZ-2123 is a basic model from new family of vsedorozhny cars which are so loved by motorists. Brand new "Field" collected in itself all best properties of own predecessor, also received new the 5th dverny body with a stylish modern and aero dynamic form which means the overestimated comfort and the highest high-speed properties.
Back seats can develop in parts, doing unique salon is even more capacious. In this spacious salon is located to 5 people. The car is equipped with the power unit in what by means of system of an electric rassredotachivaniye fuel is injected. This cursor provides performance of norms «Euro – two» according to toxicity characteristics. The large quantity of significant configurations in steering, a lobby and a back suspension bracket, also is brought in unit assembly.
Distinctive features of the car
With expanded phases the cursor has a cam-shaft by means of which line of the rotating moment as a result of what in a zone of small turns there was much more the best draught was changed. A chain single-row a drive of a cam-shaft, a chain of a drive of a cam-shaft, a gidronatyazhitel, also hydropushers of valves it is perceptible lower noise at operation of the motor.
Having kept the usual scheme, the suspension bracket VAZ-2123 caught the best traffic safety and smoothness of a course. The running in shoulder to zero was for this purpose reduced.
Coupling with frictional slips from a strong material and more a strong diafragmenny spring. In the face-to-face bridge the reducer was disconnected from the motor and received in the order independent support on a bar of the stabilizer and a suspension bracket cross-piece. The transfer case received melkomodulny teeths of gear wheels and the same myagenky support. All these innovations essentially reduced vibrations and noise in car salon.
In 2 options the cooling system is presented:
With 2 electrofans for a midland
With the massive mechanical fan which is given from a shaft of the water pump, also with additional electrofans for the southern strip. The operating mechanism in this car three-basic with the pendular lever and the huge transfer relation, with bearings заместо plugs. Thanks to it the effort on a wheel became practically twice less. The car will be equipped by the electroamplifier of a wheel. The operating column is regulated. Can be to equip with a safety cushion.

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