Car novelty Ford V-MAX

Car novelty Ford V-MAX
The autonovelty – Ford V-MAX is represented to your attention. Designers made the car with the small-sized size, usual door system, also spacious and design interior. It is the most ideal option for city bustle and very narrow streets. If you seldom leave the city, the car is created specially to you. Design it not unique advantage of the car Ford V-MAX. Driving became pleasant and easy. This achievement is realised thanks to new technologies. The Active City Stор system will help you to avoid collision with the car which goes ahead of you. The car itself the machine gun will make braking if you eat on malekhanky speed. If you wish to learn to drive masterfully the car, safely enter on the website газу.ру – driving for beginners, also the most experienced drivers. Specifically on this resource you can find out all necessary information on any car which you interests.
The unique door system provides you easy access to an internal place. The interior – stylish and spacious, quality of materials is quite highest, the car is allocated with thin contrast lines with chromic processing. For additional comfort and growth of a place of the car passenger seats develop. It increases length V-MAX to 2.35 metres. Simply pull the handle on a back of a back seat and omit two sitting (in a proportion 60/40) separately. You also can lower face-to-face sitting (the unique B-MAX function). Appearance is allocated with new design of the case. At open doors you will notice that structural columns which divide a lobby and a back part of the car, were integrated into door system. It means that there are no obstacles for access to car salon. The car strikes us with own safety.
With system Ford SYNC you can include a musical player, answer entering calls, to make proceeding calls, to send text messages which you receive during a trip, and all this by means of your voice. It means that hands will always hold a wheel, and eyes will always look behind the road. The car is also equipped with system Ford Key Free which allows to open and close it needlessly to take out pocket or bag naturals. B-MAX has additional sensors on headlights. They react to a haze, and get the idea the machine gun, doing driving in twilight it is simpler and safer. Sensors also get the idea, when you drive in the tunnel.
Technical properties of the car impress. The cursor and a box on B-MAX do the car massive and effective. The internal combustion engine of EcoBoost most popular in the middle of the consumer in volume 1.0 which happens to capacity in 100 horsepowers or 125 h.p., does not concede to cursors with volume 1.6 litres. The cursor, still, manages to reduce a consumption of fuel by 20 %. In realities, a consumption of fuel and emission of harmful substances it is possible to compare with lines of diesel cursors To receive such abilities, the cursor was absolutely updated – quick warming up and friction fall – only a few improvements from all list which is offered us by specialists Ford. In the same row with a new cursor of EcoBoost, V-MAX it is available also with 1.4 – litre Duratec cursor – 90 horsepowers, volume of 1.6 litres. The car is supplied with the 6th step box with mechanical double coupling. B-MAX itself will choose the necessary transfer such makary that you did not lose speed when without the aid of others it will change. Silent switching not only only will make driving very smooth and pleasant, and and will help to save up fuel.

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