Brand new GM model. Cadillac Escalade – revolution in a car the world of

Brand new GM model. Cadillac Escalade – revolution in a car the world of
At first the 90th on the market hearings got that General моторс plans to create a jeep which Escalade would be called. But, hearings were not embodied in reality till 1999. This year in the market updated Cadillac Escalade was shown. Why specifically so christened the car? This fact remains till this moment undercover. A basis for production of this model is the well-known Shevrolet Tahoe. Appearance of Escalade exchanged absolutely, designers added a little firm "costume jewellery", and naturally the company coat of arms. An elegant, economic aggressive jeep which differs from other models dimensions. The owner will feel itself surely at a wheel of this "tank". The company showed excellent results of own long work – a firm front grille which emphasises traditional forms of the car, classical wheels made the updated style for Escalade. The salon of the car differs the highest quality and impresses us with furnish from skin of light flowers and a natural tree. Passenger seats are equipped built in to buttons with which can be operated light in salon, also music.
The car is issued with a classical box and the motor. The internal combustion engine in volume 5.7л, 255 horsepowers as the car is dispersed to 177 km/h, works restriction of speed which at desire can be removed. The car is dispersed to 100 km in 10 seconds. Automatic box. Specialists added forward illumination which appropriates comfort to the driver in model. The jeep to a descent struck the consumer, thanks to the dimensions and wheel base. Fascinating there is that fact that specialists prepared it for sale in only 10 months. the 1st model debuted in the autumn of 2001 according to the name EXT. The body differs from other models the plastic top which can be used for transportation of sports tools. The model has the shock-absorber which the machine gun smoothes the car when it got stuck, for example in dirt. The system which makes pressure control, also the equipment for towage comes into a standard package.
In 2002 specialists made completely the latest model. A frame lonzheronny on which completely new cursor is fixed. A body now not plastic, and metal, the suspension bracket is provided both forward, and pneumatic back which provides smoothness of driving of the car. The Escalade model is issued with a back drive, volume of the motor of 5.3 litres. At first a new eyelid there was a newcomer many driving model. Escalde in volume of 6.0 l, дебетировал in Moscow at first 2005. In the European set of the car the new interior, climate control that includes also ventilation system, also brand new musical system and DVD comes. TV for passengers of back seats is built in a back of face-to-face seats. In addition it is possible to order chromic disks supplementing appearance.
Escalade is available in the version Sports. In addition to a standard package the panoramic hatch comes. Face-to-face seats of the driver and the passenger it is warmed up. Ventilation and heating the managing director of system is also provided. For this purpose, to find out policy of the prices of this model, it is necessary to enter in a search engine though what a resource web that inquiry: «cadillac escalade price». The brand new GM model – the most elegant embodiment of all desires. The car bears in itself force and courage which is so necessary for a male. There is it, naturally much, but believe, Cadillac will justify each dollar. As you will sit down at a wheel, the car becomes you real the friend or the girlfriend. Many accepted to consider as Escalate homeland America, and specifically the State of Texas. But now models also create in Mexico.

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