Novelty from the SEAT company – the SEAT IBX concept car

Novelty from the SEAT company - the SEAT IBX concept car of
In the centre of research works and new development of "SEAT" (Martorel, Spain) presented the model of a 5-seater crossover with a full drive. To chagrin to photograph a novelty it was not possible, but developers carefully depicted future option of a jeep.
The model is executed on the modular MQB Volkswagen platform, the dimensional length of serial model makes 4,35 metres. The design of model is executed in Leon style with bolshenny light-emitting diode lamps of head light. Power plants will be also similar to "Leon".
The working title of the Tribu model, but in serial release a crossover will be called on another, as, while as a know-how of producers. It should be noted that the Volkswagen concern yet did not give "good" on car start-up to serial creation. But on informal sources the positive decision will be accepted in a week. And by 2016 the concept car will appear in the dealer Russian Federation network.
In «Seat» plans the concept of a new crossover appeared in 2009, its Tribu model then was presented. But in some months after presentation serial release was suspended. In 2011 the company represented the next conceptual jeep of "IBX", but a year later the management of "SEAT" came back to idea of a crossover on the basis of «Tribu» concept.

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