Car of Logan Renault

Car of Logan Renault of
In sale the brand new changed model of the car of Logan Renault arrived. This event should take place in 2014. Her developers and producers hope for future and quite good furore at users. Developers of the latest model of the car changed its interior design, but kept at all this all pluses of brand. Also level of comfort of the car was changed and improved. The car of Logan Renault has every chance on a rank of 1 of the best vehicles.

On the sizes the car is suitable for long travel and moving with all family. The comfortable and successful salon of Logan Renault contains to a descent on back sitting of three adult passengers. On face-to-face sitting except the driver it is possible to set 1 more goer. All this says about dimensions and spaciousness of the car. Logan Renault absolutely is suitable for pairs with the children loving comfort and a place in movements. The car comprises a luggage carrier with volume on 510 l. and a large quantity of small offices on all salon.

Driving on the car of Logan Renault gives to the driver and his passengers feeling of safety and tranquillity on a trip. All passengers of the car are reliably protected 3-з by dot belts, on autoseats there are head restraints and lobbies enter into a complete set of a car for all goers of a safety cushion. The last development of model allows the car to keep surely on the road and it is simple to regulate a brake way. Pledge of smooth and harmless braking is Abs by whom new release of the car is equipped. For Logan Renault model three types of cursors also were developed and let out. All of them are very economical in the petrol use.

Logan Renault is very comfortable in management on all routes and roads. The car is equipped with a wheel with the hydraulic booster who provides safety and accurate driving. The salon of Logan Renault is perfectly heated at frosty weather and comprises seats with heating. In hot weather when driving on the car it is possible to use the offices of conditioning integrated on all salon. The operating column and driver’s sitting are regulated and give the chance to the driver of comfortable landing at a wheel.

The gone on sale car of Logan Renault is completed with all necessary details for comfortable driving. The car is equipped with rear-view mirrors which can be regulated without leaving salon, also the electric drive and heating of external mirrors. The salon comprises an audiosystem with a radio tape recorder, all buttons on management kondyuky, a window regulator of face-to-face doors also are in an available place for the driver. Backs of face-to-face seats are equipped with small pocket offices for storage of a various trifle. The head restraint with 3 different positions of situation is offered to passengers of back sitting. Into structure salon enter a ware box and бортовик. Functions of the computer allow to look povsevremenno behind counters of run of the car, to supplies of fuel, a course and average speed. If on that party of a window of a nepogodiyets, the owner of the car will be promoted in it by protivotumanka.

A little about the 3rd types of cursors of Logan Renault:

The cursor makes 1,4 litres with mnogototechny injection possesses capacity in 75 horsepowers. Will provide with comfortable driving.

The cursor 1, the 6th litre with mnogototechny injection is allocated with capacity in 84 horsepowers. Good balance between a consumption of fuel and dynamics.

Cursor 1,6 литра16 C. with mnogototechny injection possesses capacity in 102 horsepowers. This cursor the newest of all and more the most powerful. The car spends fuel evenly.

Upgraded and advanced Logan Renault contains also mechanical transmission of transfers which works from a hummock drive.

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